Molson Coors seeks retained agency to promote Carling to new audiences

Molson Coors seeks retained agency to promote Carling to new audiences

Steve’s breakdown: Representing the UK’s biggest-selling lager brand has got to have its benefits but what do you do when you’re already on top. If you have the answer, get in there!

STAFFORDSHIRE, UK: Molson Coors Brewing (UK) Ltd is seeking a retained agency to promote the lager as it looks to market itself to new audiences.

‘It’s something we’ve just started the exploratory stages on,’ said Molson Coors comms partner Kristy McCready on the PR hunt.

‘I think the challenge is that Carling is the number one beer brand and has been for some time. We need to think about how we bring different people into the brand to maintain its number one status in a difficult market.’

McCready added that she is looking for an agency that can help Carling move out to new audiences, who also understand the regulatory environment and the challenges of the drinks market.

Molson Coors wishes to soften Carling’s laddish positioning, with the aim of appealing to women.

Fees are as yet undecided.

The news follows the appointment of VCCP Blue as the brand’s above the line agency, which happened last week.

The brewer is using ISBA to develop a shortlist of agencies, which it expects to have in place by the end of next week.

Molson Coors currently uses The Red Consultancy as strategic PR partner across all of its brands, and this contract will not be affected. Red handles consumer and corporate, plus digital through its sister agency, Shiny Red.



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