Norfolk Airport Authority issues RFP for marketing services

Norfolk Airport Authority issues RFP for marketing services

Steve’s breakdown: The RFP is due on August 31, 2011 at 4:00pm. Download the RFP here:  Ratti ReportRFP4Norfolk Airport

Contact: Robert S. Bowen, Deputy, Executive Director, Norfolk Airport Authority, Norfolk International Airport

2200 Norview Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23518-5807

NORFOLK, VA: Scope of services required: A.    Develop a comprehensive program to include consistent messages and strategies for advertising the Airport that are designed to increase passenger traffic and position the Airport as the premier gateway to Hampton Roads and Northeast North Carolina.    The program may contain both short and long term components and should address the rapidly changing conditions of the aviation industry and attendant shifting needs of the Airport.
B.    Identify appropriate communications channels, using traditional and non- traditional media as well as social media, on-line channels and mobile channels for marketing strategies and tactics.
C.    Provide advice and assistance to Airport staff in creative website design, content management and maintenance.
D.    Develop cost-effective and innovative marketing and communications tactics and campaigns to reach specific target audiences and to meet specific program objectives.
E.    Provide creative input and design consultation and assistance to Airport staff in connection with the production of advertising for on-line, television, radio, print, outdoor and other media.
F.    Assist staff in developing performance measures for evaluating the Airport’s marketing and communication efforts.
G. Assist the Airport in identifying potential opportunities for marketing and advertising with private and public sector partners in connection with the Airport’s efforts to reach target audiences, reduce outreach costs and generate revenues.
H. Provide guidance to the Airport in selecting providers of marketing and advertising services such as graphic production, social media, web services and audio/video production and assist in assuring that such services are provided in a manner consistent with the Airport’s goals and standards for providers of marketing and advertising services.
I. Perform such other comparable or related services as the Authority may require.

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