Seabrook Crisps looks to appoint ad agency

Seabrook Crisps looks to appoint ad agency

Steve’s breakdown: Why they would stop this hilarious campaign is anyone’s guess but an agency review is an agency review. Go forward and pitch.

BRADFORD, UK: Bradford-based crisp brand Seabrook is looking to appoint an agency to its advertising account, and is understood to have approached a number of agencies with a pitch process now under way.

Propaganda was the most recent agency to handle the crisp brand’s advertising, launching a £1.5m campaign in 2007 which included the strapline “A right proper gobful” and two 30-second commercials which protested against annoying, nonsensical things in modern-day life including chav culture and footballers diving.

Seabrook relaunched its crisp range earlier in the year following a Government initiative aiming to reduce the daily salt intake of the UK public, with the brand reducing the salt content in its crisps by 90%.


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