State of Vermont marketing account is in review

State of Vermont marketing account is in review

Steve’s breakdown: Here’s a two year contract to handle the Vermont account. The whole schmear! The proposals are due June 9, 2011. And here’s the entire document: RFP LINK

And BTW: We called this one back in March.

MONTPELIER, VT: Vermont State government is seeking bid proposals from vendors competent to deliver marketing and communications services during the course of July l, 2011 – June 30, 2013. Two (2) one year options to extend the contract with agreed to rates and terms mutually agreed upon may be exercised. We recognize the important contribution and vital impact that small businesses have on the State’s economy. In this regard, the State subscribes to a free and open bidding process that affords all businesses equal access and opportunity to compete for State contracts for goods and services. The State also encourages businesses owned by minorities and women to compete for State contracts.

Questions concerning this request for proposals must be in writing (via mail, e-mail, or fax) and received by Kathleen Murphy by 4:00 PM EST May 20, 2011. Questions may be e-mailed to [email protected] The State will respond to written questions by June 3, 2011. Any responses will be in writing and posted on the State’s website at under the ‘Bid Attachments’ section. The State reserves the right to select which questions it will answer. Three (3) hard copies and an electronic version on CD/DVD of the proposal must be received by the State and delivered to Kathleen Murphy, Chief Marketing Officer, National Life Building, 6th Floor, Drawer 20, Montpelier, Vermont 05620-0501.

Scope of work:

The nature of the work may include, but not be limited to, the following services:

1. Creative/Design and Copywriting for Advertising and Collateral Material: The State requires regular and ongoing creative and graphic design work for print and electronic media. Creative design work across marketing programs must be coordinated to maximize the strongest possible State of Vermont image/brand identity within individually targeted campaigns and to leverage cooperative opportunities, while maintaining a focus on the specific message and target of the department. Under direction from the State, the Vendors will develop and implement creative concepts for

promotional campaigns including collateral materials, with an eye toward impact, efficiency, and protection of State rights in the use of promotional designs and standards, including clear and complete documentation of the ownership and use rights associated with the creation, acquisition, sale and use of all copyrighted and trademarked material.  Creative design services to develop collateral packages for departments’ individual targeted promotional campaigns will be required.

2. Public Relations/Public Information/Media Relations: The State of Vermont, through public and private sector relationships, has been extremely successful in the area of public relations activity and response. Several departments have communication specialists on staff whose primary responsibility it is to communicate and fulfill the requests of local, regional, and national media, writers, and editors. It is critical that the vendors demonstrate experience and knowledge of both an individual department and the State of Vermont in order to effectively represent that department and the State of Vermont to the media. The following activities are included in this service category:

•    Press Releases

•    Press Kits

•    Newsletters/ Public Communications

•    Public Outreach

•    Fulfillment of Media Requests

•    Media Trips to Vermont

•    Proactive Media Contacts

•    In-Market Trips to Media

•    Special Media Events in Vermont

•    Development and Maintenance of Media Databases

•    Editorial Documentation and Value Assessment Services

3. Trade Show Management: The State, together with the private sector, participates in many trade/consumer shows, exhibitions, conferences, conventions and seminars each year – regionally, nationally, and internationally. The vendors must demonstrate an ability to provide planning and management of trade shows or Department events including the design, construct, modification, maintenance, and shipping arrangements of the State’s trade show booths to each event or subcontract with a capable vendor. The vendors must further demonstrate an ability to identify opportunities for the State to achieve maximum efficiency in the coordination, storage, and shipment of material to various shows while maintaining a common presence among State agencies.

4. Promotional Printing and Production Management: The vendors must provide expertise in and management of specifications for promotional material production into multiple forms of creative (e.g. print runs; bus shelters; bus/van wraps; banners; signs). Vendors must plan for coordination and consolidation of printing bids and press runs to achieve best pricing.   These services shall occur with the oversight of the Chief Marketing Officer and of the Purchasing and Contract Administration Division. Duties may also include tracking of projects in production and press checks for production quality.

5. Public/Private Collaborations: The State must leverage taxpayer dollars with private sector investments in order to achieve the greatest value in marketing and communications across all programs. The ability to leverage private sector support that enhances and extends the expenditure of State marketing dollars is a vital part of the marketing plans of many of the departments. Specifically, the State will require that the selected vendors have the ability to:

•    Develop relationships consistent with Vermont’s brand identity, values and traditions with public and private business leaders for special promotion opportunities; and

•    Identify, initiate, and manage corporate sponsorship opportunities for promotional/marketing initiatives that are consistent with Vermont’s brand identity, values, and traditions.

6. Image/Photographic Acquisition/Licensing: The State must amass a considerable library of photographic/graphic images that must be archived, digitized, and appropriately cross-referenced in support of all promotional campaign activities conducted. These images would also be used in multimedia presentations including graphic, exhibit, print, web, plasma screen, television, or other use. The vendors must negotiate image use rights on behalf of the State consistent with the States minimally acceptable licensing agreements or otherwise agreed upon terms.  The vendors must give the highest priority not only to State possession of the tangible images whenever feasible, but also to State acquisition of the underlying copyright including all subsidiary rights, thereby providing for reproduction and duplication rights wholly owned by the State. The State also requires ongoing access to video, film, and/or digital production services for the creation of a fully themed visual library. Also, in video and multimedia presentations, ability to provide or subcontract for editing of images, slides, and audio synchronization will be required.  Vendors must also be able to provide creative direction to photographers/videographers under assignment by the State.

7. Website design/Online promotion: Website and online services must be coordinated with the state entity’s IT staff, Department of Information and Innovation, and/or IT vendors as applicable.  Any work performed on state websites must comply with web and IT policies and standards.  Web services may include planning and strategy development; content development & formatting; storyboarding / mapping and information architecture; graphic design; copywriting; interactive content & media (such as Macromedia / Adobe Flash (permitted as long as non-Flash-based HTML equivalency is created); interactive graphics, animation, and multimedia creation; flash/html integration (placement, interaction, actions, design and coding); Americans with Disabilities Act compliance; Search Engine Optimization and marketing; key word analysis and recommendation; pay per click promotions; analysis of pre-generated web site traffic reports and analytics; documentation of style guides and website work to include site plan, content, edit logs, competitor sites/benchmark sites, website traffic reports/analytics, access/hosting information; and website promotion using multi-channel and multi-media drive-to-web campaigns.

8. Other Promotional Services: Promotional services are not limited to those activities listed above. The State encourages vendors to present original ideas and concepts regarding the application of promotional services that may not have been conceived in this RFP. Vendors must demonstrate an ability to work with other service providers or vendors as may be required by state entities.


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