Sunshine Coast Desination seeks digital agency

Sunshine Coast Desination seeks digital agency

Steve’s breakdown: This is a very new organization that’s trying to find its way and could use some help. Their website says “Sunshine Coast Destination Ltd’s core role is to promote the Sunshine Coast as a premier holiday and Business Events destination locally, nationally and internationally, to achieve maximum social and economic benefit for the local community, residents and businesses.”

PACIFIC PARADISE, Queensland, Australia: Regional tourism organisation Sunshine Coast Destination Ltd (SCDL) is searching for an Australian digital agency to develop a new digital platform for the region.

SCDL industry development manager Brad Harrison said: “We’re looking for a full-service, innovative agency who can bring to the table fresh thinking and a completely new approach to tourism promotion online.”

Digital work has previously been handled by Emu Design in Brisbane. Harrison said the agency has been invited to take part in the submissions.

Emu Design chief executive Scott Hutchison said: “We understand the board of SCDL wish to go to market and explore what options are available to them. After proper assessment of the expression of interest, if we feel we can provide ongoing services we will most certainly participate in the pitch process.”

Agencies have been invited to submit individual or joint submissions, with entries closing Tuesday 24 May. It is anticipated that a single lead agency will be appointed in August 2011. All offline creative duties for SCDL are currently handled by me&bond in Brisbane.

SCDL acting chief executive Pippa McCreery said: “SCDL has been recently formed as a result of a restructure of tourism bodies on the Sunshine Coast and we firmly believe that creating a functional and attractive digital platform is fundamental to the success of our organisation and for promotion of tourism for the region.”


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