11 years writing Ratti Report

11 years ago we thought we’d go 100 but then it caught up with us & the “lean” years hit. It wasn’t the economy or the ad biz, it was […]

We just made 100s of leads public for non-members

In fact, now non-members have free access to thousands of lead-stories posted from January 1, 2020 to January 1, 2010. Just go to “There’s gold in them thar hills” […]

AdForum PHNX Awards: Call for Entries

Steve’s breakdown: This award show is a great way to get Global exposure and it’s free to enter. (until your entry gets shortlisted for an award) Here’s the link to […]

An Event Not To Be Missed

Hey Y’all, So this happened! Yours truly and Tina Allen of FCB, Archie Bell, II of Spotify and Suzanne Darmory of Jackson Hewitt will be discussing the state of the […]

4 ways we make your new business life easier

1 We’ll identify dozens of qualified prospects for your agency every week (So you don’t have to) 2 We’ll provide contact information for clients you need to talk to (So […]

Need a client email address? We Got’em

It’s a whole new service that will make your new business efforts easier & cheeper. Just how we subscribe to dozens of media & RFP outlets so you don’t have […]

Peter Levitan’s interview with Steve Ratti

Steve’s breakdown: The other day I had the pleasure to be a guest on the Advertising Stories podcast with renowned new business expert Peter Levitan. He coaches digital and advertising […]

Send Us Your Press Release, Story or Article!

What up fellow ad execs! If you have some agency news, ad stories, company advise or whatever, send it over and we’ll publish that thing! Here’s the link. It’s totally […]

Most of our Leads Stay Fresh for Weeks

Hey New Biz Hunters, It’s a common misconception: leads are only worth looking at the day they are posted. Nothing can be further from the truth! Sure, account reviews have […]

Ratti Report is selling its Business Model

Not to worry, we’re doing fine. Ratti Report’s never needed an office or employees or set hours or bosses or stockholders so pandemic – schamdemic! So in that spirit, we […]

Think of us as the new business Red Phone

Give Us A Ring even if it’s just to ask what’s happening, what do you see, who have you heard from, what’s going on now, what are others doing, when […]

$500 off Ratti Report annual memberships

All, To help ad agency’s keep their new business funnels flowing, Ratti Report is discounting new annual memberships by $500 during this unprecedented virus outbreak. Laying the ground work for […]

Is 2020 “it” for Ratti Report?

The simple answer: Kinda . . . Because 10 years ago today, Steve Ratti was forced to send his first new business lead to the digital universe. Ya see, he […]

Clients Finding Agencies via our Brand Personality Tests

We’ve spent years developing this brand personality test to help clients & agencies find marketing partners with great working chemistry. We call it “AgencyMatchGame” because people have such a good […]

Become a member cause it’s way cheaper than doing it yourself!

ALL-ACCESS members receive 100% of our intelligence gathered content and advisory services Click one and register:   20% ACCESS members receive 20% of our intelligence gathered content and advisory services Register Here at $250/year […]

If you Want a Lead but aren’t a member: Call

That’s right, If something comes across your desk that you want but don’t have a membership, give us a ring. 212-658-1796 We always pick up when the red phone rings!!

Ratti Report turns 8

To celebrate, we’re making all of Saturday’s posts free to see for all! For our members, we hope you’re lovin’ the “Unclassified Headlines” feature we launched last week. We’re getting […]

Checkout Steve’s interview with TalkBusiness360

The Editor-in-Chief of Ratti Report sits down with the television show Talk Business 360 to discuss how his company helps ad agencies nationwide win new business. They also talk about […]

Your Free Ratti Report Portal

If you’re not a member of Ratti Report in any way, this is where you can click-through to all our free content. No other new business service makes any of […]

Ratti Report is on the move again

Hey Kids, for now until October 3th, we’ll be coming to you from the African city of Morocco. There will be no singing of our crew seen online so this […]

Bag Store Window in Bologna

That’s it. I’ve seen the best windows in the world on 5th & Madison Avenue and this one, with its simplicity, is as elegant as the most expensive.

Cigar Aficionado, Here We Come

Just a little travel update from just outside of Bologna. The Ratti & Cuniberti family at Villa Monte Quercione in Zola Predosa, Italy attempt to get a picture in the […]

Going Face-to-BotFace with the Competition

The questions was all summer: Why is this Steve Ratti Guy hiding? Actually, it’s the other way around. Steve decided the automatization of his craft needed to be met Face-to-BotFace! […]

Ratti Report: Always Evolving

The Ratti Report will never be the same day-after-day and I guess that’s the point. Neither will advertising ever stay the same forever. In fact, we have a huge surprise […]

Register for a free Ratti Report membership

That’s right folks, there’s a free membership version of Ratti Report. It comes with 20% access to our new content and 100% access to our over-90-days content PLUS new business […]

Thanks for 7 Years!!

That’s right folks, Ratti Report has been in business for 7 years and we take this time to thank all of our members. Past & Present Working together, it is […]

Ratti Report seeks Satellite Offices

As you could imagine, we do a lot of traveling for the Ratti Report and we’re now officially on the lookout for satellite offices. New Business Bureaus if you will […]

$200,000+ New Business Director job in Boston

If you’re interested in this position, give us your contact info and we’ll pass it along. This is another free and COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL service from Ratti Report. You’re welcome

Snowboarder Survives Squirrel Attack

This little guy reminds me of a lot of great ideas that almost get crushed in the “War Room” of a new business pitch meeting.

Why we don’t aggregate our content

Because it’s bad business Aggregating pushes out lots of information that’s not usable like when another agency wins an account. That’s not a lead. It’s actually an anti-lead! Aggregation also […]

Ratti Report Sits Out Advertising on Super Bowl

DATELINE: ASBURY PARK, NJ: In a surprise move, Ratti Report did not advertise during this year’s Super Bowl. It was a crushing blow to the New Business industry but their […]

Looking for a New Business Pro?

Here at Ratti Report, we have a network of thousands of new business executives & hundreds of agencies. So if you’re looking to land a new biz pro, let us […]

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