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Small Agencies: Time to attack!

Steve’s breakdown: The big agencies and search consultants are peeing their pants because of lame reasons. Time to pick up steam and take what they’re not pitching. SUPPOSEDLY, EVERYWHERE, USA: […]

Just a little FYI of the top 100 Brands

Steve’s breakdown: The 2022 annual Loyalty Leaders List gives the loyalty rankings for the top 100 brands, out of the 1,624 brands we assessed in a cross-category analysis of 142 […]

9 Ways Marketers Can Lure The Best Creative Agencies

Steve’s breakdown: This is just a little wisdom from the industry. “You want them to say ‘yes’ to an attractive opportunity—not “no” to an ugly process” EVERYWHERE, USA: Top agencies […]

29 CMOs to Keeping an Eye On

Steve’s breakdown: If I were to pick one of these clients to approach, it would be tinder. Harris Beber, chief marketing officer, Waze Waze As the Google-owned navigation app seeks […]

In Case You Didn’t See in AdWeek

Agencies Reveal Their Red Flags When Evaluating New Business Opportunities EVERYWHERE, USA: Thanks to a series of tweets from Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong and the subsequent replies from The Martin Agency […]

What Do CMOs Actually Want in an Agency?

Steve’s breakdown: 12 top marketers confess their non-negotiables and red flags EVERYWHERE, USA: Before settling down with Chipotle, Chris Brandt had been around the block. The chief marketing officer has made […]

Start-Ups: What are they good for?

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50 CMOs You Should Know About

Steve’s breakdown: We don’t actually agree with the order of this list (Bozoma will be gone from Netflix in months) but nevertheless, it covers all the important ones. If you […]

Great News In The World Of Pitching

Steve’s breakdown: Well the 4As did something great. They released an agency review participation contract to curb ghosting and other bad practices. As if it wasn’t bad enough to wait […]

Maybe it’s time for your merger

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The CMOs to watch in 2021

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Greatest Idea: Pitch this to your clients

Steve’s breakdown: We know it’s stupid to say “that’s a great idea – pitch it to your clients”. I mean, we’re not stupid but maybe a little. The thing here […]

Brand reputation declines = Opportunity

Steve’s breakdown: This is the 2021 Axios Harris Poll 100 link but what we’re looking at are the companies who need help. We’ve written about some of them in the […]

Millennials reveal their favorite brands

Steve’s breakdown: There’s a lot here to unpack but it’s worth a look. EVERYWHERE, USA: Millennials still can’t get enough of Apple, Nike, and Amazon. Marketing agency Moosylvania has once […]

Coming to a boil: Black-owned media companies

Steve’s breakdown: If you are asking how this news is a new business lead, then it’s probably not. On the other hand, we believe there are dozens of possible ways […]

Here’s the Skinny & Their Names

Steve’s breakdown: Agencies ask me about search consultants all the time. The main thing about these folks is you should be aware of them. Maybe even make friends with them. […]

Peter Levitan’s interview with Steve Ratti

Steve’s breakdown: The other day I had the pleasure to be a guest on the Advertising Stories podcast with renowned new business expert Peter Levitan. He coaches digital and advertising […]

2021 outlook for digital marketing agencies: the future is bright

Steve’s breakdown: Nobody’s leaving 2020 unscathed — especially marketers. But according to CallRail’s research, many agencies weathered storm after storm surprisingly well. They surveyed 167 global digital marketing agency leaders […]

In case we missed some CMO moves

Steve’s breakdown: The entire industry is jumping—and in all the right directions. Over the past few months, several members of the marketing community have risen to elevated roles and taken […]

50 CMOs to Congratulate & Start a Conversation

Steve’s breakdown: So here’s Forbes list of the World’s Most Influential CMO’s. And we have the full report at this link: The World’s Most Influential CMOs Send them a note […]

18 small businesses to check into

Steve’s breakdown: “Walmart says ‘yes’ to almost 200 Open Call finalists” is the headline and we have 18 of their names. That’s right, every year Walmart does this Open Call […]

Study: Half of Brand Marketers are Dissatisfied

Steve’s breakdown: A study found that half of brand marketers felt “dissatisfied” with their COVID-19 responses. That’s a lot of unhappy people and therefore opens a lot of doors for […]

These kinds of ad reviews are peaking right now

Steve’s breakdown: It’s Media Account Reviews we’re talking about so if you have a media department, make sure everyone knows. Make sure your clients know it Make sure your ex-clients […]

Supreme Court Opens the Gates

Steve’s breakdown: wins Supreme Court case to Trademark its name” is the headline and some say that opens the door to companies like or going for the […]


Steve’s breakdown: Ratti Report is joining @Ford, @UnileverUSA, @BenandJerrys, @TheNorthFace, @REI, @Patagonia, @MagnoliaPics, @EddieBauer & ad agencies @360i and @GSP in support of #StopHateForProfit. We are stopping all activity & […]

Blackout Tuesday & New Business

Steve’s breakdown: We’ve never observed Blackout Tuesday in our 10 year existence but this year is different in every way so here goes. Ratti Report completely supports the Black Lives […]

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