News: Company shake-up

Too much chaos not to pitch!

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Changing every election ad campaign nationwide: Roe v. Wade & Concealed Weapons

Steve’s breakdown: Don’t know if the Supreme Court is doing the republicans any favors voter turn-out wise. They just turned the complacent Democratic base and in one day, turned them into voting fanatics. Get in on that action in your state!! WASHINGTON, DC: The Supreme Court has ended the nation’s constitutional protections for abortion that had […]

Donut possibility

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Double Restaurant Lead

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Southern lead in retail

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CEO, Spokesperson & Religion all Fired

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Big Blue’s Marketing Shake-Up

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Too much leadership movement not to check in with these guys

Steve’s breakdown: Mike Dwyer ([email protected]) will serve as president of Goodyear’s North America Consumer business and Renee Radabaugh (Renee [email protected]) will take his place as VP of the North America Consumer Channels and Categories teams. AKRON, OH: The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company named Mike Dwyer president of Goodyear’s North America Consumer business, effective immediately. […]

Big BtoB Beer Shake-up Could Open a Few Doors

Steve’s breakdown: There’s a lot going on here and you guys know we don’t usually get into the BtoB space but what the heck. There are a lot of names being thrown around so if you need some contact information, let us know. ST. LOUIS, MO: Today, Anheuser-Busch announced enhancements to its U.S. commercial leadership team […]

Fashion brand is going direct to consumer with multiple promotions

Steve’s breakdown: Levi Strauss & Co. is “capitalizing on the opportunities created by the global pandemic, which has accelerated changes in consumer behavior and the competitive landscape”. That one quote is the reason we’re talking about Levi’s. See the bolded names below. The featured spot’s message, which ran 2 years ago, works for me today. […]

Retailer’s 3 year comeback plan should include you

Steve’s breakdown: We’ve talking about Bed Bath & Beyond for a while but now that they have a 3 year comeback plan, it looks to be a great time to approach the retailer. Between the 11 brands they plan to launch, the store remodeling and the refocusing on Buybuy Baby, they will absolutely need all […]

8 majors brands with a clean slate

Steve’s breakdown: Centric Brands is a company I’ve never heard of but they design, source, market and sell products under licenses for Calvin Klein, Frye, Jessica Simpson, Nautica, Joe’s Jeans, Timberland, Tommy Hilfiger and Under Armour, among others and now they are coming out of bankruptcy anew. Here’s their team BTW: They are looking for […]

Pizza Chain’s new C-Suite to turn up the ad heat

Steve’s breakdown: So there’s been a lot of movement in the C-Suite at Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza including hiring a new CMO. With all this change, this might a be a great time to introduce the agency. Keep in mind, the CEO used to be the CFO so there’s that (yuck) Last years’ LeBron AKA “Ron” […]

Company’s version of “Just do it” may need an upgrade

Steve’s breakdown: Essentia Water’s version of “Just do it” may need an upgrade (the featured spot is a year old) and the new CMO & communications SVP might be the ones to try just that. Maybe you should give them a ring . . . BOTHELL, WA: Essentia Water, the pioneer of ionized alkaline bottled […]

Worth a day to checkout Detroit

Steve’s breakdown: The winds of change are blowing at Ford so we think it’s a great time to do a little research to find the opportunities. Lincoln is definitely worth a look but don’t stop there. DEARBORN, MI: Changes are coming at Ford. The American automaker’s new CEO, Jim Farley, started off his first day […]

After hitting the fan at beverage company: multicultural ad review expected

Steve’s breakdown: It’s a whole new ballgame at Red Bull, especially in their marketing department. The CEO, CMO & 50 people in the marketing department were all sacked. The 50 were mostly in its culture marketing teams that oversaw projects tying the energy drink brand to hip-hop music and breakdancing culture. Now Ken Turner has […]

Beer’s got problems so let’s get them a new agency

Steve’s breakdown: AB InBev is on the lookout for a new CEO and we think this will spark some ad reviews. Check it out . . . NEW YORK, NY: AB InBev started looking for a replacement for CEO Carlos Brito, who has significantly grown the world’s largest brewer through a series of deals during his 16 […]

Major Marketing Shake-up at Fitness Company: New Agency Next

Steve’s breakdown: With all the new marketing folks at Echelon Fitness, one could only conclude an ad agency review is next. I mean, look at their “Sizzle Reel”. YIKES, they need help! CHATTANOOGA, TN: Echelon Fitness, the brand dedicated to changing the fitness category through smart innovation at affordable prices, is growing its leadership team as […]

Change is in the Air at Fast Causal Chain

Steve’s breakdown: Between Chicken Salad Chick‘s new CMO, CDO & COO and the fact we couldn’t a TV spot that was less than 5 years old, we believe a new campaign is just around the corner. Pitch One! AUBURN, AL: Chicken Salad Chick, the nation’s only southern inspired, fast casual chicken salad restaurant concept, announced today […]

3 Promotions + 100th Anniversary = New Campaign & Maybe Agency

Steve’s breakdown: USAA has a new CBO, CMO & CCO and it’s coming by on its 100th. Now you know a proud organization like USAA is going to celebrate that occasion. They do it all the time so get in there and congratulate the 3 that got promoted. SAN ANTONIO, TX: USAA has announced three new […]

4 Baked Brands with Fresh Starts might Spark Reviews

Steve’s breakdown: There are organizational changes going on at the maker of Nature’s Own, Dave’s Killer Bread, Wonder, and Tastykake that might open up a few doors. I’ve highlighted all the players below. Someone’s got to be thinking of an advertising change. THOMASVILLE, GA: Flowers Foods, Inc. has announced organizational structure changes designed to increase […]

One meat company is growing & shaking up the executive roster: Agency roster next?

Steve’s breakdown: With aggressive expansion on the horizon, Hormel Foods shakes up its executive roster that could shake up the agency roster too. So get to know the new kids & the old kids over at Hormel. They might be needing you. “And now for something completely different”  AUSTIN, MN: Hormel Foods is causing waves […]

Big changes will = Ad Review

Steve’s breakdown: Krystal Restaurants LLC has a new owner and new management and judging by their creative, a new agency is soon be next. DUNWOODY, GA: Krystal Restaurants LLC has named Thomas Stager president, replacing former president and chief operating officer Tim Ward. Ward and former chief financial officer Bruce Vermilyea are no longer with […]

Gender equity lawsuit: have your attention?

Steve’s breakdown: We talked about this last week but now it’s really hot. U.S. Soccer Federation is in a staff shakeup under new CEO Will Wilson. Wilson was hired after Cindy Parlow Cone took over as president from Carlos Cordeiro, who quit following USSF legal filings that demeaned players on the U.S. women’s team who […]

A good company reorg is always great for biz/dev: Food Client: Food Client

Steve’s breakdown: TreeHouse Foods is the client and now they just can’t use the advertising they were using before cause all the ad budgets are all mixed up. One of the few times the accounting department is good for new business opportunities. OAK BROOK, Il: TreeHouse Foods, Inc. today announced a series of organizational changes […]

You might think this retailer is dead but we still see a great potential client

Steve’s breakdown: JCP keeps getting up and we think the new team is a great target for an out-of-the-box pitch. I men look at all these new faces! PLANO, TX: J.C. Penney Company continues to remake its leadership team under the leadership of CEO Jill Soltau, naming six new VPs. The struggling retailer named Wendy […]

CMO is out and company is changing gears: Sounds like a review

Steve’s breakdown: Ya don’t just dump the CMO position and say “The rapid pace of change in commerce necessitated adjustments to the marketing function” and have all of us thinking it’s open season on the account. Can they? OTTAWA, Canada: Shopify CMO Jeff Weiser has left the Canadian e-commerce giant, a company spokesperson confirmed today. […]

The Bluest Blue Chip Account Uproar

Steve’s breakdown: IBM’s Ginni Rometty Steps Down As CEO Causing Major Executive Reshuffle is the headline and there will be a line at the account. ARMONK, NY: IBM CEO Ginni Rometty announced that she will resign from her role, and be replaced by the company’s current Senior Vice President for Cloud and Cognitive Software. The […]

Entertainment Client Marketing Overhaul = Ad Review

Steve’s breakdown: Marketing is all going to change at Netflix so you might as well get your ideas over there before they make any more decisions. See highlighted below . . . LOS GATOS, CA: A shakeup at Netflix has resulted in a round of layoffs. The streaming service is apparently revamping its marketing strategy, and […]

Hail Mary Campaign Needed at Retailer

Steve’s breakdown: Forever21 was the darling of retail but now they had to sell themselves but no matter how you slice it, they are going to have to do advertising! Authentic Brands is the target and they have tons of other brands so an intro would be good no matter what happens. LOS ANGELES, CA: […]

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