News: Financial news leak boarded by TripAdvisor

Steve’s breakdown: TripAdvisor has deeper pockets than Jetsetter’s ex-owner, Gilt. So expect advertising to be bumped up with a possible review. NEW YORK, NY: TripAdvisor said it has acquired, a New York-based members-only private sale site for hotel bookings. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. The Jetsetter brand will continue to operate out […]

Creator of Guitar Hero, Rock Band & Dance Central start anew

Steve’s breakdown: This is an ex-client of mine and when he says they’ll be another giant gaming hit coming out of Harmonix, start maneuvering to pitch that account. The featured video is the spot we created at RDA International to launch Rock Band Beatles. BOSTON, MA: Venture capitalist Brad Feld recently joined the board of Harmonix, […]

Oracle’s major sales staff blunder = new biz opportunities

Steve’s breakdown: Oracle’s CFO just publicly threw the sales staff under the bus. Needless to say, there will be a lot of movement in that department whether Oracle wants it or not. From our perspective, they should put the marketing dept. on the case and that opens the door for you. REDWOOD CITY, CA: Systems and […]

Southern Air to take off again

Steve’s breakdown: A company coming out of bankruptcy isn’t always a new business lead but with these guys we think it is. With a 60 year history and an impressive client list, Southern Air isn’t going away anytime soon. Plus, they’ll need to have a marketing plan in their come back plan so get on […]

New lease on life with Corona

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Want fries with that: Heinz bought

Steve’s breakdown: Like we said about Dell going private, now Heinz won’t have to deal with stockholders and will be free to innovate. New product account launches are possible as well as an entire account review. PITTSBURGH, PA: H.J. Heinz, the food giant, says it has agreed to be taken private by Berkshire Hathaway and […]

Dell going private = more product launches

Steve’s breakdown: There’s a lot of negative financial talk about Michael Dell’s plan to go private but from a new business opportunity, this is coming up roses. Technology companies have a lot more freedom to develop and launch more products & brands when not answering to shareholders. ROUND ROCK, TX: The discussion around Michael Dell’s […]

Atari US in bankruptcy: Brand & game opportunities spread

Steve’s breakdown: We are in the beginning stages of this financial move but one thing is for sure, the assets of this company will be looking for representation of some sort – soon. In fact, an Asteroids movie is already in development! NEW YORK, NY: In an effort to untangle itself from its parent company, the France-based Atari […]

South Park creators to start own studio

Steve’s breakdown: Could you imagine having these guys as your client? The first brand is clearly the “Book of Mormon” movie. So go ring their doorbell! NEW YORK, NY: The creators of “South Park” are branching out beyond the underpants business. From left, Matt Stone, Trey Parker, Casey Nicholaw and Robert Lopez at the Los […]

SeaWorld’s IPO Plans

Steve’s breakdown: $100 million is a lot of money to just appear and we think some of it will be going to updated marketing. ORLANDO, FL: Looks like Shamu may soon be making a splash in the stock market. SeaWorld Entertainment Inc. on Thursday filed for an initial public offering of stock that could raise […]

Krispy Kreme & Jamba Juice look tasty for take overs

Steve’s breakdown: We are way in front of these two. Both would, no doubt, go into an advertising review if they are bought. Keep’em on the radar. Check out the video report on Bloomberg here. WINSTON-SALEM, NC & EMERYVILLE, CA: Following the biggest surge in takeovers of restaurant and coffee companies since the last recession, Krispy […]

Post Sandy: Boat manufactures should go for market share

Steve’s breakdown: Jim Cramer of CNBC reports that 65,000 boats were destroyed or damaged because of Superstorm Sandy. And before the storm even got here, the average age of a yacht had gone from 15 to 21 years old. Now Cramer has made Brunswick a “Buy” pick. Watch the video here. What we are trying to […]

Gun stocks are down: PR will be needed

Steve’s breakdown: Say what you want about gun control but the market has already spoken. Gun stocks are down and if new laws go through, they will go down furthur. We suspect these companies are going to have to do some damage control and will need representation. SPRINGFIELD, MA & SOUTHPORT, CT: Markets are surging […]

Account heads up: Starz to be sold

Steve’s breakdown: We’re jumping the gun a bit here but that’s the whole I idea behind our philosophy of “Event Based Prospecting” and “Being First”. DOUGLAS COUNTY, CO: Liberty Media has started sending out feelers to potential buyers for its premium channel Starz. Liberty has reached out to media companies ahead of the expected mid-January spinoff […]

SolarCity’s IPO raises cash for advertising

Steve’s breakdown: A successful IPO is alway good news for the market but what about marketing. Well, for a company like SolarCity who allows customers to lease solar panels by paying a monthly fee, advertising will most definitely get a piece of that IPO money. Right now, they use a in-house shop. SAN MATEO, CA: Shares of SolarCity […]

PR Account Prediction: Sasol to put $16 to $20 billion in Louisiana

Steve’s breakdown: This is a monstrous project and we think they are going to need a PR firm to make it happen smoothly. Congrats to Louisiana! WEST LAKE, LA: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal announced Monday that international energy and chemicals company Sasol Ltd. will invest between $16 billion and $21 billion in a major project in […]

What’s up ConAgra’s sleeve?

Steve’s breakdown: They are not talking about what the real plan is with the Ralcorp acquisition. Not only do we think this move is a competition killer, it could be a new way to launch a number of new brands. And that means new advertising accounts might be in play. OMAHA, NE: Private-label foods have hit […]

Avon stock jump after chairman exit signals big changes on the way

Steve’s breakdown: We don’t usually report on CEO or Chairperson news but when the ex-CEO says he’s stepping down as chairman and the stock jumps, we smell money. Not that kind of money – ad revenue money. As soon as this house cleaning is done, expect Avon to start plans on many changes which will […]

Unilever puts the “For Sale” sign up for Skippy

Steve’s breakdown: We believe Skippy is going to go for a bargain which means the buyer will have more money for advertising. So keep an eye on this purchase. One company who might be looking into this is Brynwood Partners. Just sayin’ . . . . BTW: I couldn’t help but feature the Skippy ad […]

Tyco split could mean ad review for ADT

Steve’s breakdown: The biggest advertiser in this bunch is ADT security systems. (I’m actually a customer of theirs) ADT recently bought Broadview systems and has yet to settling on marketing. This breakup could get that off the ground. NEW YORK, NY: Tyco International Ltd shareholders have approved a breakup of the industrial conglomerate into three […]

Sears to spin off Hometown, Outlet and some hardware stores

Steve’s breakdown: I don’t pretend to know what this means stock-wise but the spin-off is going to need some fresh marketing to make this work. HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL: Shares of Sears Holding Corp. shot up more than 5 percent in early trading on Monday on documents the Hoffman Estates-based retailer filed with the Securities and […] gets a house call of $50 mil!

Steve’s breakdown: Another great idea that should take off. And with $50 million in the bank, marketing has to be taken care of. WALTHAM, MA: Inc., a Waltham company that aims to connect families with caregivers, said Tuesday that it has raised $50 million in new funding, the largest amount it has generated since […]

Splitsville for Liberty & Starz with more to come

Steve’s breakdown: There’s a lot of movment going on over at Liberty. Between Starz, Encore, Sirius XM and LiveNation, there’s going to be an ad account without an agency somewhere. Be there to catch it. ENGLEWOOD, CO: Douglas County-based Liberty Media Corp. announced Wednesday its intention to separate Liberty Media and Starz, LLC . “We […]

Bristol-Myers Squibb gabbles Amylin

Steve’s breakdown: This is a big one if you’re in the industry. So give a call and a hardy congrats to the crew who’ll be in the hot seat. PRINCETON, NJ: Bristol-Myers Squibb said Wednesday it had completed its tender offer for Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc., which is expected to amount to a $7 billion acquisition. […]

Spliting up banks = More ad accounts!

Steve’s breakdown: No matter where you stand on this issue, we here at The Ratti Report always love to hear about companies breaking up into multiple ad, digital or PR accounts. Keep an eye on this and related news and get yourself in position to pounce. EVERYWHERE USA: In a stunning reversal, a former big […]

Horizon Bancorp & Heartland Bancshares merge

Steve’s breakdown: This is bit of a power play for central Indiana and to pull it off right, a new ad campaign should be in the cards. MICHIGAN CITY, IN: Horizon Bancorp (NASDAQ: HBNC) today announced it has closed its acquisition of Heartland Bancshares, Inc. (OTCBB: HRTB) and Horizon Bank N.A.’s acquisition of Heartland Community […]

Yammer gets gobbled by Microsoft

Steve’s breakdown: The immediate response to this acquisition has been that Microsoft is behind the eightball on this one. We see it as an opportunity for a marketing firm who can take Yammer to the front of the pack. SEATTLE, WA: Microsoft’s announcement Monday that it will acquire Yammer, a social network for corporate use, […]

Animal health company, Zoetis, to be spun off Pfizer

Steve’s breakdown: Here’s a great idea from a consumer point of view. Of course Pfizer only sees the financial side of it. Anyway, this is the beginning of a new advertising account and you should roll over to get it. NEW YORK, NY: Pfizer Inc. said Thursday that it would spin off its animal health […]

Sara Lee bets the farm on Hillshire name

Steve’s breakdown: So the other shoe fell today at Sara Lee. They are going to call the company Hillshire Brands. We don’t know the agency but we do know they will increase ad dollars. DOWNERS GROVE, IL: Sara Lee Corp will change its name to Hillshire Brands Co later this month to reflect its focus […]

A new company with 7 brands is born: Coffee Co

Steve’s breakdown: I’ve had a hard time following Sara Lee since the 90s. They seem more interested in making deals than food. Here’s another example of the insanity. I’ll break it down for you. Sara Lee is going to split off it’s Coffee Co unit which just hired a new CMO in November. Then Coffee […]

WellPoint plans to put on 1-800-CONTACTS

Steve’s breakdown: Their last compaign was pretty great but with an insurance company owning the brand, the only thing we can say is, things are going to change. INDIANAPOLIS, IN: WellPoint Inc., the health insurer, plans to buy 1-800 Contacts and may develop vision coverage that offers discounts on contacts and eyewear, according to  a […]

Benihana skewers a company buyer

Steve’s breakdown: Two things: Though this latest commercial does tug on the heartstrings of the pass, it’s not going to sell reservations. And two: Having work at the agency who had the Benihana business from the 1980s to 2007, I always thought the company should be private because it was such a family affair. Couple […]

AMC Entertainment sold: China’s biggest coroporate takeover

Steve’s breakdown: The new owners are shooting for the stars on this acquisition and are planning $500 million investment to fund AMC’s development. So expect them to be making changes in the marketing department which is not moving from Kansas City. KANSAS CITY, MO & BEIJING, China: A Chinese conglomerate announced Monday it will buy […]

Avon Schavon: Coty prepares for IPO

Steve’s breakdown: Normally we don’t see an IPO as a lead unless the company actually says they are going to spend the IPO money on marketing. This time it’s because I have never booked more new business meetings with any other company than Coty. They are always looking for good ideas and they don’t care […]

Park Sterling strikes again with another bank aquisition

Steve’s breakdown: We’re seeing the making of a monster who will eventually need an ad agency. This deal was the latest in what Park Sterling has promised will be a string of acquisitions. They completed the acquisition of S.C.-based Community Capital Corp. in the fourth quarter which doubled its assets to about $1.2 billion. This […]

Yahoo CEO lied on his resume: Lead?

Steve’s breakdown: This just in. CNBC is reporting that the CEO of Yahoo lied about what degrees he had on his resume. The resume says he had degrees in accounting & computer science. Stone Hill College, where he went to school, didn’t have a computer science degree when he attended. This is pretty big news […]

Big Baby Account is On The Lose: Nestle Buys Pfizer’s Baby Foods

Steve’s breakdown: Nestle paid way too much for this acquisition but I don’t think they will be slowing down advertising. And this story is not over yet because Nestle might have to sell 25 percent of the Pfizer unit by disposing of interests in Latin America, southeast Asia, Australia and South Africa, which could be […]

J&J is getting very sick of their future CEO

Steve’s breakdown: WOW! It’s like we all knew the pharma business world was corrupt and this guy just wanted us to make sure we knew. Expect changes everywhere especially in PR. NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ: A motion filed last week in a potential multi-billion healthcare fraud case against Johnson & Johnson provides another apparent example of how […]

Wine Giant, Constellation, let’s their Marketing Plans out of the Bottle

Steve’s breakdown: Most of the time companies stay mum about their marketing plans but sometimes they have to talk. Constellation Brands earnings took a major hit today and now they have to tell their stock holders why and how it’s going to be okay. And here’s what they let slip: “profit growth will be tempered […]

LEAD? Starbucks to Launch Single Serving Coffee Machines

Steve’s breakdown: This news is just minutes old and it has the industry in a buzz. It’s not yet known which ad agency will be handling the launch but if you want the business, make the call. SEATTLE, WA:  Starbucks Corp. says it will soon sell a single-cup coffee machine for people to brew lattes […]

Can Campbell’s new CEO heat up sales? Maybe with the right advertising

Steve’s breakdown: The key line in this article is “Morrison has indicated that Campbell’s moving to a sharper focus on advertising, rather than promotions and discounting of the company’s food products.” Does that mean a new ad agency? Maybe. And that should be enough to go in there and pitch. CAMDEN, NJ: : Campbell Soup […]

Time to contact Western Union

Steve’s breakdown: On CNBC today, Hikmet Ersek, Western Union president & CEO talked about the who, what & where of the company. The most surprising fact that came out of the interview was he said the “I” word. When asked who were his customers, he plainly said Immigrants! As for Ersek, he has moved fast […]

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