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$1B in improvements needs a new campaign

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If you are into beauty product development . . .

Steve’s breakdown: Coty has been a client of mine at three separate agencies and if there’s one thing they love, it’s new product ideas. And with this new CEO, that’s […]

Chance to go international with an American Icon

Steve’s breaKdown: Here’s the Harley-Davidson plan: Rolls out expanded lineup of smaller bikes for international push for growth and for smaller urban retail stores and create a new digital strategy. There’s a […]

Look who’s mascot should just die

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3/4 of everyone is going into review

Steve’s breakdown: Just an FYI Y’all! 1) Nearly three-quarters (74%) of major multinational brands are reviewing their current agency arrangements, according to newly-published research by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) and […]

Burger chain’s big move = Opportunity

Steve’s breakdown: And we mean that literally. White Castle is moving its headquarters. They will still be in Columbus but now with visions of wonder of a better life so we think […]

Pitching a Luxury Cruise Company’s Airline

Steve’s breakdown: There is so much happening at Crystal Cruise that there isn’t not anything to pitch. Take their Crystal AirCruises that was just launched with the purchase of a 777. BTW, […]

Two brands start over after bad bet

Steve’s breakdown: So are FanDuel and DraftKings going to go for each others throat now that the marriage if off. We think so and new advertising is in order! NEW YORK, NY […]

Pabst has a new CEO

Steve’s breakdown: And it’s all about growth so we believe many regional beers are going to be getting into high gear. Read on to get the new guy’s plan. LOS […]

Go Financial is Movin’ on Up

Steve’s breakdown: With new headquarters, including a foosball table, and plans for 200 new employees, we think Go Financial is ripe for fresh marketing. BTW: These guys provide financing products […]

Stein Mart on the Move

Steve’s breakdown: Normally this wouldn’t be news for us but it’s come to our attention that these folks do not have an agency of record. Hmmmm . . . JACKSONVILLE, […]

Keep an eye on MillerCoors

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Time to move in on Bai beverages

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Closing/Opening in Manhattan: FAO Schwarz

Steve’s breakdown: After almost 30 years on Fifth Avenue, FAO Schwartz is closing. Not to worry, they are planning on opening a new store in Midtown. No matter how it […]

Expanding Sundance Catalog 1 store at a time

Steve’s breakdown: It’s a small lead but an interesting one. Here’s a some info about their CEOs: Stephen J. Gordon serves as CEO of Sundance Holdings. Mr. Gordon Founded Restoration […]

McDonald’s Turnaround Plan

Steve’s breakdown: I didn’t hear much turnaround talk. Sure, they’ll cut costs, sell some franchises but what about the food? What about the atmosphere? What about the brand? Check here […]

Lots of new product intros in 2015: PepsiCo

Steve’s breakdown: I’ve gotten into Pepsi a number of times using a new product development approach. And with this announcement, it seems nothing has changed so go for it. SOMERS, […]

P&G Update: Duracell & Braun likely to be sold

Steve’s breakdown: Earlier this month we reported on the shake-up at P&G. Now some folks are speculating on what brands might be cut loose. Top contenders: Duracell & Braun. Stay tunes for further […]

Chex Digital Boom in 2015

Steve’s breakdown: This article has a lot of information about how General Mills is going to force cereal sales to go up when they are going down. And as we […]

Citizens Bank adds 200 locations

Steve’s breakdown: This story is about Citizens rebranding 200 Charter One locations but the real nugget is the news Royal Bank of Scotland will be divesting in the bank. That […]

DHL has helicoptered back to the USA

Steve’s breakdown: DHL Express was always the way to send an international package. Well, they are back in force and we’re just wondering how they are going to spread the […]

City of Boston to hire Chief Digital Officer

Steve’s breakdown: It’s getting a little hairy in Boston about this #StartBostonUp campaign. And now this announcement a CDO. However this goes, the Mayor is looking for help. Hell, he’s almost […]

Triple Voodoo brewing casting it’s spell

Steve’s breakdown: Many of our members ask for smaller more fun leads. Here’s a perfect example. Triple Voodoo beers are only sold in California but they are on a tear and […]

Overshores Brewing opens new brewing facility

Steve’s breakdown: They are going to be brewing a lot more beer at Overshores now. What else do they have going for them? 1) Their packaging is handsome and begs […]

Eastern Air Lines Is Coming Back

Steve’s breakdown: They got cash for planes so here we go. As far as marketing, there are two things to consider. 1) They are bringing back the 70s-mid-80s tagline “The […]

Stillmank Brewing will be making 600% more beer

Steve’s breakdown: With 600% more beer, someone’s going to have to market that beer. You? GREEN BAY, WI: Stillmank Brewing Company has purchased the building at 215 North Henry Street in […]

Lululemon’s comeback is your opportunity

Steve’s breakdown: We love it when financial analysts talk marketing. It makes it sound dirty. ~ Anyway . . . it seems they are talking about the comeback of Lululemon now […]

American Honda splits marketing & sales by brand

Steve’s breakdown: No word on pending advertising changes but I have to say, the Acura ads Jerry Seinfeld has on his web-based show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, is a […] is on the move but they’ll need ad help

Steve’s breakdown: has big plans for expansion but it’s not going to happen without real marketing expertise. That’s where you come in. SEATTLE, WA: is facing all sorts of established […]

If you do business in northern Cali . . .

Steve’s breakdown: There are big plans, big business and big money flowing into North San Jose. Companies like Samsung and Polycom have already gone all-in so look into it because your next […]

Adding more muscle to marketing @ Wish Farms

Steve’s breakdown: It seems Wish Farms is planning to go straight to the consumer. They’ll probably need someone to show the way. PLANT CITY, FL: Wish Farms is increasing its […]

Bridgestone to Rebrand 64 Stores

Steve’s breakdown: HAPPY NEW YEAR. Our first lead of 2014 comes from the idea that when a company is reevaluating its brands it may also be reevaluating its advertising. That’s what’s […]

Raptors Rebranding Report

Steve’s breakdown: These guys have everybody musing about a rebrand. Maybe they should just get some professionals, like you, in there and get it done right. TORONTO, Canada: The Raptors […]

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