Region: Africa

Global Internet Awareness Campaign Review

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Ad reviews across the globe give clues to USA

Steve’s breakdown: Sometime when advertising reviews happen away from home, it a preview of things to come. Check out these stories, particularly Hyundai  • Ikea has held meetings with agencies […]

Five small local account reviews in one post

Steve’s breakdown: Dig in folks and see what works for you! FYI: Become a member of Ratti Report and receive up to 40 new business leads delivered to your inbox every […]

Egypt Tourism Authority has a problem

Steve’s breakdown: I know this is early but . . . As if the Egypt Tourism Authority had enough problems, todays EgyptAir plane crash on route to Cairo didn’t help. They could […]

African country to split with PR firm

Steve’s breakdown: Here’s a hot potato for ya. Libya! Seems their contract with PR firm Qorvis is over May 20th. They will most likely hire another DC based firm to […]

Disney puts 9 figure media account in review

Steve’s breakdown: When an American client does a review that will include American ad agencies, even if the account is halfway around the globe, new biz folks should take notice. […]

Digital/Social Media in Review at South African Tourism

Steve’s breakdown: Some of you have asked why we spend time reporting on international account reviews. Two reasons: 1) Because we mainly cover international reviews in English speaking counties, we’ve […]

What a surprise: Libyan Government seeks PR

Steve’s breakdown: Lots of companies want in the Libyan economy but they have to communicate how it works. The client is the Libya’s Ministry of Communication & Informatics and they have […]

$6 million in PR on the loose in South Africa

Steve’s breakdown: This review is split between domestic and international communications. They have big goals so we suspect they will be bringing in agencies with big ideas. JOHANNESBURG, South Africa: […]

Kenya Tourism Board issues RFP

Steve’s breakdown: This account includes promoting Kenya in 17 of the richest  countries with every communications service any shop could offer. The RFP is here and is 57 pages. It’s […]

In review: Egyptian Tourism post Arab Spring

Steve’s breakdown: They couldn’t have started this review soon enough. A brief has been sent but if you’re a major network and not invited, it’s time to make a few […]

McDonald’s review PR account in the Gulf

Steve’s breakdown: This is kind of a big deal. They haven’t reviewed this market in over ten years and I suspect some big changes are coming; maybe even in northern […]

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