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Global creative beer review

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Scotch Whiskey on The Loose

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Japanese Whiskey is Coming to America

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Global Internet Awareness Campaign Review

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South East Asian Country wants to “maintain a positive image” in the USA

Steve’s breakdown: Responses are due Jan. 7. They go to Arathi Devandran, First Secretary (Information), Embassy of Singapore, 3501 International Place NW, Washington D.C. 20008, marked “Public Relations Consultancy Services – Singapore Embassy”. Review Link WASHINGTON, DC & SINGAPORE: The Embassy of Singapore wants to hire a PR firm to help it “maintain a positive […]

Country review out of DC

Steve’s breakdown: This review is for PR targeted at “stakeholders”. We couldn’t find the person in charge but here’s some contact info: Tel: +1-202-537-3100 Emergency Tel (after hours): +1-202-537-3100 Ext 140, +1-202-436-4777, +1-202-412-0074 [email protected] WASHINGTON, DC: The Embassy of Singapore has launched a search for a PR agency to help promote a favorable image of […]

Global Creative Agency Review

Steve’s breakdown: Infiniti is in review and Dentsu Aegis Network, Cheil Worldwide, WPP, Omnicom, Publicis and MDC Partners are all participating. If you are part of any of those networks, it’s time to call headquarters to get involved. FYI: The auto brand has worked with MDC-owned CPB since 2014 YOKOHAMA, Japan: Nissan-owned Infiniti has put […]

Take Two: Asian County Issues Another PR Bid

Steve’s breakdown: It’s pretty sad in these times of shirking markets that Hong Kong had no takers for their account to promote the country as a secure place to live, work, invest, and visit. The good news is they speak english. That’s somethin’. Tender notice can be accessed at this link. HONG KOHG, China: Following […]

Asian Global Reputation Review post Covid

Steve’s breakdown: “Relaunch Hong Kong” is the project name, not the campaign name. That’s up to you to decide after you win the account. But it might not be easy. You see, they tried this once and it was a “No Go”. (I hate the phrase “non-started” cause it’s stupid like “inflammable” but for different […]

Asian tourism board seeks digital & social media services: NYC Based

Steve’s breakdown: Singapore Tourism Americas is the account and here are the contacts to get started: Contact: 212-302-4861 Ms Rachel Loh Regional Director, Americas [email protected] Ms Christina Choh Area Director, Leisure & BTMICE, Americas [email protected] Ms Inez Yang Area Director, Brand & Communications / Business Development, Americas [email protected] NEW YORK, NY: Singapore Tourism Board (STB) is on the […]

Hong Kong’s RFP to ‘Inspire Confidence’

Steve’s breakdown: This is a tough one. Democracy vs. New Client. Okay, maybe it’s not but it’s our job to report this stuff. At the very least, it would be an “experience” to go through the process. SAN FRANCISCO, CA & HONG KONG, China: Hong Kong’s Economic and Trade Office (ETO) is seeking US public […]

Southeast Asian Tourism Review

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Southeast Asia media pitch for Alibaba-backed Lazada

Steve’s breakdown: This e-commerce company review comes with a newly appointed CMO for Singapore. So if you’re itching to look into the Southeast Asia market, get involved. Alibaba is not a bad company to make friends with . . . SINGAPORE: Alibaba-backed Lazada is on the hunt for an agency to manage its media duties, […]

Billion Dollar Penguin is coming to America & Needs Branding Love

Steve’s breakdown: Droga5 won the gaming division of Tencent last July bit was supposed to launch creative last December but it never happened and they don’t even list Tencent as a client on their website. So clearly they are open to use an American agency, mostly because they have to now, so go make friends as they launch QQ Music […]

This lead is: Exclusive • Global but American • Gourmet • Hot

Steve’s breakdown: So this one can be complicated if you pay too much attention to all the cooks in the kitchen of this brand so let’s take from the USA top. Here’s what I found out, literally, on the streets of Manhattan. Deal & DeLuca, the iconic New York gourmet food retailer is cleaning house at […]

Fly into becoming International . . .

Steve’s breakdown: . . . by throwing your hat into the ring for the Malaysia Airlines creative, social and media pitch. Here’s CMO’s email address: [email protected] EL SEGUNDO, CA: Malaysia Airlines (MAB) is launching a creative, social and media pitch. The appointment will be for a period of two years, with the option to extend for another, […]

Global Airline Pitch with RFP

Steve’s breakdown: Singapore Airlines has called an integrated pitch for an agency or agencies to handle its strategy, brand and creative, media, content, website/app, and production duties. Submissions are due September 5th. Here’s the RFP SINGAPORE & EL SEGUNDO, CA: According to a tender document, the winning agency(ies) will primarily support the brand’s HQ in Singapore, but […]

Cryptology Exchange is looking for a few good agencies

Steve’s breakdown: Cryptology Exchange has put its Global PR account in review and they are also looking for creative and media agencies for projects. Herbert Sim is the chief marketing officer. I know it’s overseas but it’s global and it’s a cryptocurrency account. Ya gotta try at least one. Right? SINGAPORE: Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange platform, Cryptology Exchange is on […]

PR Firm Needed to Promote Taiwan Tourism

Steve’s breakdown: We have the RFP. Email if you’re interested. NEW YORK, NY: The New York office of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau is accepting proposals from agencies that can execute a PR program targeting the eastern U.S. market in a bid to boost outbound travel to Taiwan. Scope of the work includes creation of a […]

Winner-Takes-All Global Pain Relief Review

Steve’s breakdown: This review for GSK’s Panadol (acetaminophen) includes creative duties, which are handled by Grey, and digital and PR, which are overseen by Havas and Edelman respectively. SINGAPORE: Pharmaceutical powerhouse GlaxoSmithKline has called a global pitch for one agency to handle the creative, digital and public relations accounts for its Panadol brand, Mumbrella can reveal. The brand, […]

Are you a PepsiCo agency?

Steve’s breakdown: If so, why not get crazy and call PepsiCo India and throw your hat into the 7UP or Quaker Oats pitch? At the very least, you’ll be introducing the agency to another part of the world (that speaks English) that could use you as a resource without a pitch. Jump on it, kemosabe! […]

Giant Retailer Coming to America?

Steve’s breakdown: Walmart just bought Flipkart and we are very interested in what could be going on with the brand in our country. Definitely worth looking into because an introduction of this size to the American public is a lot of work. BENTONVILLE, AR: In the largest acquisition in its history, Walmart has agreed to acquire India’s […]

Global Banking Review: Free lead with Registration

Steve’s breakdown: ID Comms in the UK is handling this HSBC Global Media Pitch so make sure your credentials are up to date over there. As always with 9 figure media pitches, they can shake up other accounts around them so keep your eyes peeled. If you’re in an agency network, this is a good […]

Southeast Asia Tourism RFP

Steve’s breakdown: Interested firms should contact Yawen at [email protected] to receive the RFP document. The closing date is Feb. 19. NEW YORK, NY: Singapore Tourism Board—Americas is inviting PR firms to pitch its account. STBA wants a firm to handle the account for 36 months from April to March 2021 (one year with an option to renew for two). It […]

Japanese company needs to start thinking USA PR

Steve’s breakdown: SoftBank has got to get serious with its PR in this country because they seem to be arrogantly ignoring the practice. TORRANCE, CA & TOKYO, Japan: Uber and SoftBank have agreed to a long-awaited tender offer on Thursday, in a deal that would value Uber at $48 billion, an Uber spokesperson said. The […]

Global destination social media account review

Steve’s breakdown: Tourism Fiji is pitching its social media account just one month after beginning the hunt for a new PR and creative agency. LOS ANGELES, CA: The global pitch follows the company’s appointment of a new global social media manager Rush Pathak. “The organisation is going through a digital transformation by further developing our customer, […]

Steal this account: Luxury player in the phone biz

Steve’s breakdown: So the $1000 Mate 10 Pro phone is in talks with AT&T to launch in the USA. They have a few other continents to hit first but we suspect they’ll need some home-grown expertise there in the states. Get the team on it . . . SHENZHEN, China: The phone takes dazzling photos and […]

Southeast Asia Tourism Global Account Review

Steve’s breakdown: Fiji is looking for advertising & PR agencies. Being the AOR is not realistic but you might be able to get a slice of the pie. Sarah-Louise Robinson is the contact. Click here are all their offices and contact information. LOS ANGELES, CA & NAMAKA, NADI, Fiji:  Tourism Fiji is pitching both its public relations […]

Hainan Airlines in Review: We have the RFP

Steve’s breakdown: If you want to participate in this review you have to email this guy RIGHT NOW: [email protected] Proposal deadline is the 30th. Email us for the RFP. SEATTLE, WA & NEW YORK, NY: Chinese airline Hainan Airlines is seeking a US marketing partner to help elevate brand awareness and corporate identity internationally and throughout […]

New CMO boards International airline

Steve’s breakdown: Fiji Airways is the client and the present agency is Iris but bringing in an ex-chairman of the Star Alliance Airline Management Board makes us believe that relationship will be tested. LOS ANGELES, CA: Fiji’s National Airline, Fiji Airways has announced the appointment of industry veteran, Marc Cavaliere, as Chief Marketing Officer. Mr. Cavaliere joins the […]

Boeing exec thinks he can market Hong Kong Airlines

Steve’s breakdown: What? Hong Kong Airlines just brought on a marketing exec from Boeing. Granted, the guy has worked at a few PR firms but marketing? Methinks he’ll need some help. HONG KONG, China: Full-service airline Hong Kong Airlines announced the appointment of global branding expert Mr. George Liu as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Heading up Hong Kong Airlines’ […]

HTC mobile in global review

Steve’s breakdown: HTC, the Taiwanese tech company, is looking for an ad agency to create a global campaign for the launch of a new smartphone next year. BTW: You won’t be seeing this news in AdWeek, Ad Age or MediaPost. Reason #45 to be a Ratti-Report member at this link! SEATTLE, WA: The company is thought […]

Vladimir thinks his country has a PR problem in the west

Steve’s breakdown: Well no sh*t! Anyway, they have spent about $115 million on this issue since the turn of the century. Seems the guy to call is Nikolay Nikiforov, minister of communications. This review is real folks so if you need more info, read on. MOSCOW, Russia: The Russian government is set to spend big to try and improve […]

Millions just got introduced to Cellebrite

Steve’s breakdown: If you haven’t heard, the company that cracked the code of the iPhone for the FBI is Cellebrite, a division of Sun Corporation. The stock is up 40% and there’s no way they are ready to manage all this publicity. Their number is 201 848 8552. PARSIPPANY, NJ: The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation worked with […]

Promius Pharma snags FDA approval on Sernivo Spray

Steve’s breakdown: As we all know, teenagers/young adults want nothing to do with having skin problems like plaque psoriasis. So we suspect they are going to pull all the stops for the Sernivo Spray. HYDERABAD, India & PRINCETON, NJ: Dr. Reddy’s announced today that its US subsidiary, Promius PharmaTM, LLC, U.S., has received approval for […]

In Review: Singapore Economic Development Board

Steve’s breakdown: Participating agencies should be able to fulfil integrated through-the-line scope, comprising creative, PR, digital, media, social and events. Read on . . . SINGAPORE, Singapore: The Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) is looking for agency partners to promote Singapore as an attractive business location and to advance its domestic marketing efforts. There are […]

Toshiba CEO Resigns Over Cooked Books

Steve’s breakdown: 3 top execs have left in disgrace and don’t think this whole incident won’t trickle down to agencies – particularly PR agencies. TOKYO, Japan: Toshiba‘s chief executive resigned Tuesday to take responsibility for doctored books that inflated profits at the Japanese technology manufacturer by 152 billion yen ($1.2 billion) over several years. Toshiba […]

Reinventing Malaysia Airlines: Predicted 7/18/14

Steve’s breakdown: A couple of days after the crash we posted the headline “The inevitable assignment: Rebranding Malaysia Airlines”. We all knew there had to be time for healing before any calls should be made but a review had to happen. Side point: this sounds like a nasty pitch so approach with caution. SUBANG, Malaysia: […]

Global Media Review: Singapore Airlines

Steve’s breakdown: This is a two phase pitch. A pre-qualification stage, followed by a full RFP exercise. Deadline for submission of pre-qualification documents is on the 27 April and shortlisted agencies will be notified by 4 May 2015. SINGAPORE, & EL SEGUNDO, CA: Singapore Airlines (SIA) is on the hunt for a media agency to […]

Global Media Review: Etihad Airways

Steve’s breakdown: The new brief does not only cover that of Etihad, but also its partner airlines, including Alitalia, airberlin and Air Serbia. KHALIFA CITY, UAE: Etihad Airways has called a review of its global media planning and buying account. The Abu Dhabi-based airline is consolidating its media business, with the new brief to not […]

Remaking Sega

Steve’s breakdown: This could be one of the hardest rebrands I’ve seen in a while. One of the coolest names needs to breathe new life without its core business: console video games. They are going to need help!! SAN FRANCISCO, CA & TOKYO, Japan: Sega Sammy Holdings, the parent company that now controls one-time video […]

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