Fall TV season prediction: Pan Am takes flight

Fall TV season prediction: Pan Am takes flight

Steve’s breakdown: It’s Friday and I love to take time to post something fun before the weekend.

I don’t usually make predictions. That’s how lots of new business guys go down in flames. But the new ABC show Pan Am is going to rock prime time.

Not only have I always thought Pan Am was the greatest brand in the land, they got the attitude of the airline right. Throw caution to the wind and fly away. As one chorus from their famous ad campaign from J. Walter Thompson says “Leave the phone off the hook, teach the cats how to cook, be a man not a mouse, sell the car, rent the house: get away, right away, like today. For once in a lifetime, get into this world. Pan Am makes the going great – Pan Am makes the going great.”

So what’s the new business opportunity here? Watch for this kind of attitude take hold across many industries because, Lord knows, with all that’s going down in the world, people need to just fly away. What Love Boat did for cruising, Pan AM will do for flying.

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