Bike & scooter share system: Marketing RFP out of CA

Bike & scooter share system: Marketing RFP out of CA

Steve’s breakdown: All question must be submitted no later than May 1, 2020 and proposals are due Friday, May 29, 2020. Please excuse the “Hotmess” that is the documents layout:

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SACRAMENTO, CA: Vendor needs to provide robust outreach and marketing campaign is key to achieving a safe and successful launch of a bike and scooter share system for users and non-users of the system, consultant to work collaboratively with city partners and micro mobility providers to develop an innovative marketing and outreach plan, execute marketing and outreach activities, and create materials that educate users about the rules of the road and parking requirements.

– Consultants are encouraged to bring fresh, innovative ideas to developing a marketing and outreach plan that includes strategies and materials for reaching target audiences, changing target behaviours, and achieving campaign goals.

– The marketing and outreach plan should include the following within a 12-month timeline:

— list of graphic elements to be produced, earned, social, and paid media opportunities (please provide data quantifying outreach impact where available),

— outreach kit, including electronic toolkit, videos, or games for electronic or in-person outreach, any on-street, in-person outreach and education recommendations

Other innovative strategies and materials for changing target behaviours, estimated budget for all campaign expenses including social media influencers and media buys examples of campaign graphics and materials include the following:

– social media advertisements and posts for use by partners, providers, and influencers, text and graphics that can be used on websites and in email blasts, collateral materials, such as banners or signs for on-street, in-person engagement, design support for games or engaging activities for in-person outreach or social media engagement.

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