Kansas Dept of Health & Environment seeks media relations

Kansas Dept of Health & Environment seeks media relations

Steve’s breakdown: The due date has been extended to December 5th so get in there now because there might not be much competition. The link directly to all the documents is here and the RFI is here: => RattiReportRFP34 The featured video is something they whipped up in ’07.

TOPEKA, KS: Kansas Department of Health and Environment: The successful Contractor under this request for proposal will provide an “umbrella” of outreach and media relations services including, but not limited to, original artwork and design, audio recording, video production, web page and electronic media development, creation of interactive educational materials and news media coordination.  KDHE is seeking hourly rates for staff providing expertise for these tasks as outlined below.  The successful contractor shall work with designated representatives of KDHE to provide any or all of these services for various programs within KDHE.  Contractors may bid on any or all of the tasks outlined.

Some tasks will require pass through expenses such as supplies, materials, mailing and studio expenses that are not subject to contractor mark up or administrative overhead.  The successful Contractor(s) shall be expected to make trips to Topeka to discuss tasks as necessary.  Mileage and per diem will not be applicable to the contract however, hourly rates for individuals involved with the meetings shall apply.

Services will be authorized through written notification by KDHE prior to beginning each task and will require an approved work plan, budget and time line.  Each task will have a budget negotiated with the contractor utilizing the rates contained in the RFP proposal.  Some of the tasks will have clearly defined scopes of work while others may require amendments to the task and budget as work progresses.  Time lines will be determined for each assigned task by agreement between the contractor and KDHE and will be dependent on the complexity of the work to be performed.


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