Million Mask Campaign Seeks Social Media or PR Firm

Million Mask Campaign Seeks Social Media or PR Firm

Steve’s breakdown: This is not just about masks. It include respirators and you can actually just donate if you want at this link.

All interested Social media & PR agencies should reach out to [email protected].

EVERYWHERE, USA: The Million Mask Campaign, an initiative that’s currently raising funds to purchase N95 medical-grade respirators to support doctors and nurses in the fight against COVID-19, is in need of a PR firm that can help promote the organization’s effort.

The group currently has a contract to purchase 50,000 masks, with the goal to distribute those masks across hospitals in New York, which continues to be on the front lines in the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.The organization has partnered with a 501(c)(3) charity, BlueStar Veterans Foundation, to gather and distribute masks to healthcare workers in hospitals that need it most.

Million Mask Campaign is looking for a Social media or PR firm that can help increase media coverage of this initiative for the purpose of driving donations for the purchase of additional masks.

N95 respirators come at a manufacturing cost of about $2.40 per mask.


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