Minnesota Department of Transportation: Pedestrian Safety Education Campaign

Minnesota Department of Transportation: Pedestrian Safety Education Campaign

Steve’s breakdown: Existing materials to educate citizens about pedestrian safety are limited and outdated.  Organizations across the state need a single source for up-to-date pedestrian safety messaging, collateral, program ideas, and curriculum to distribute to pedestrians and motorists. MnDOT is searching for a firm to help them serve as a centralized source for regional and local organizations interested in promoting walking as a viable mode of transportation. Proposals are due 2/14/12 and the RFP can be downloaded here.

ST. PAUL, MN: Task 1

The successful responder will create a pedestrian safety education plan in cooperation with MnDOT Office of Transit and Office of Communications personnel. The successful responder will consult relevant pedestrian crash statistics during creation of the plan and present the draft plan to MnDOT and selected partners for feedback. Plan components should incorporate different marketing tactics for target audiences. Specific target audiences may be recommended by the successful responder, but should include the following groups:

  1. General public: pedestrians (especially males aged 16-25) and motorists
  2. School-aged pedestrians, including Safe Routes to School participants
  3. Vulnerable pedestrians, including seniors and persons with impaired mobility

Task 2

The successful responder will design pedestrian safety materials and collateral to introduce key messages to target audiences. The successful responder will consult resources listed in this RFP and other sources to develop messages and present design concepts to partners for feedback. Key messages may be introduced to target audiences in a phased approach, according to the pedestrian safety education plan.

Collateral may include:

  1. A campaign web site, presence on other MnDOT web pages and social media sites (IT Accessibility Standards apply. See “IT Accessibility” in the general terms and conditions, on Page 7, below)
  2. Video or animations that can be distributed via the web (IT Accessibility Standards apply. See “IT Accessibility” in the general terms and conditions, on Page 7, below)
  3. Billboards/posters
  4. Hand-outs
  5. Giveaways
  6. A toolkit for communities to plan a pedestrian safety event and/or combine with stepped up enforcement efforts
  7. Other

Task 3

The successful responder and MnDOT will invite partner agencies to review campaign messages, act as a sounding board for implementation ideas, and develop support for campaign objectives. Agencies may be convened individually, in small groups, or in a large group depending on the nature of input needed. In consultation with partners, the successful responder will develop a list of organizations/events where future campaign materials will be distributed and incorporate this list into the pedestrian safety education plan.

Task 4

The successful responder must demonstrate a clear understanding of how educational collateral and events designed as part of this campaign will complement and enhance current law enforcement efforts sponsored by Transit for Livable Communities and We Bike. All collateral produced for this campaign should align with current efforts to enforce safe walking and driving behaviors by law enforcement officials.

Task 5

The successful responder will print and publish campaign collateral.

Anticipated task deliverables include printed collateral material developed in Task 2 (for widespread distribution). Note, materials and printing must be purchased from state approved vendors.

Task 6

The successful responder will translate the collateral proposed in Task 2. Responders’ cost proposals should include costs for foreign language translations in Spanish, Somali and Hmong for printed materials and American Sign Language for video materials. Note, web-site translations will not necessary.

Proposal Submittal

All proposals must be mailed (United States Postal Service), expressed (UPS, FedEx or other similar express carrier) or dropped off to the attention of:

Ashley Duran, Contract Administrator
Minnesota Department of Transportation
Consultant Services Section, Mail Stop 680
395 John Ireland Boulevard
St. Paul, Minnesota 55155-1800

All proposals must be received no later 2:00 p.m. Central Standard Time on Tuesday, February 14, 2012. Please note that MnDOT procedures do not allow non-MnDOT employees to have access to the elevators or the stairs. You should plan enough time and follow these instructions for drop-off:

  • Enter through the Rice Street side of the Central Office building (1st Floor).
  • Once you enter through the doors, you should walk straight ahead to the Information Desk.
  • Proposals are accepted at the Information Desk only. The receptionist will call the Contract Administrator to come down and to time stamp the proposal.

Submit one copy of the proposal, along with an electric copy of the entire response. Proposals are to be submitted in a sealed mailing envelope or package, clearly marked “Proposal” on the outside. An authorized member of the firm must sign each copy of the proposal in ink.


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