State Parks & Rec RFP: What’s going on outside?

State Parks & Rec RFP: What’s going on outside?

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Deadline for Submission of Questions and Objections by 1:00 PM CT 13 March 2020

Solicitation Amendment with Responses to Questions issued approximately (if required) 01 April 2020

Deadline for Receipt of Proposals (Solicitation Closing) by 1:00 PM CT 10 April 2020

Proposal Evaluation completed by approximately 15 April 2020

Notice of Intent to Award issued approximately 20 April 2020

Contract start approximately 1 May 2020

North Dakota RFP

BISMARCK, ND: The mission of the North Dakota Department of Parks and Recreation is to offer a diversity of recreational opportunities and sustainability manage resources. Specifically, the motorized recreation coordinator provides analysis of OHV and snowmobile trails to the Chief of Planning and Programing, conducts OHV education to both public and private entities, disseminates safety messaging for public distribution, maintains assigned state equipment, conducts public engagements to encourage use of North Dakota OHV opportunities, and provides technical assistance to city/county/state agencies on the use of OHVs within the state.

Our agency is conducting this solicitation because we are seeking a clear strategy within our OHV program for the next five years and want to ensure we remain aligned with department and state priorities, increase experiences for OHV riders within the state, and remain stewards of our taxpayer dollars.

BUDGET The funds for payment of this contract are already appropriated and identified. The estimated budget for completion of this project is between $40,000 and $60,000. Proposals priced at more than $60,000 will be rejected.

SCOPE OF WORK The Department of Parks and Recreation, Division of Motorized Recreation, is soliciting proposals for the development of a 5-year OHV program strategic plan (2021-2026) that includes a market study/analysis, policy review, developing a communication strategy/plan, and conducting a usage/visitation analysis with an overarching goal of attracting riders to destination experiences within our state.

APPLICABLE DIRECTIVES This project is subject to the following: North Dakota Century Code, title 39, chapter 39-29, Administrative Rules Title 37, Article 37-04 and Title 58. The contractor is responsible for identifying and complying with all state and federal requirements that apply to the contract.


A. DELIVERABLES The contractor will be required to provide the following to achieve the objective of this project:

1. Develop a marketing plan that identifies key demographics and provides a framework on how to attract them to riding on ND trail systems.

2. Conduct a thorough Century Code and Administrative Rules review to ensure all policies align and our strategic plan does not differentiate from established law.

3. Develop a mission statement for the ND OHV program that establishes a balanced approach of law enforcement, trail maintenance/improvement, public engagement, safety instruction, and future programming needs that is aligned with the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan.

4. Understand opportunities for willing partners and volunteers to maintain current trail systems, identify necessary policy changes, and understand current market trends for UTV, ATV, and tracked ATV/UTVs.

5. Develop a communications strategy that has built in feedback loops to keep us informed of our rider’s and landowner’s needs, wants, and desires.

6. Provide the agency with an understanding of key demographics of OHV enthusiasts, not limited to: who is riding OHVs (age, gender, clubs, families, individuals), where are people riding OHVs, and how long do people ride OHVs on an outing in order to develop a marketing strategy.

7. Provide the agency with an understanding of potential blind-spots within our program (to include staffing/equipment/budget) and if there are any low-hanging-fruits we can act upon immediately to demonstrate our commitment to the OHV program.

8. Identify the current OHV enthusiasts in the state, active OHV clubs in the state, potential partnerships with other stakeholders, and whether or not local dealers will align with our vision.

9. Provide a proposed timeline for project completion and identify major milestones.

10. Consultant will provide a graphically appealing document that is easily understood by the general public. It should provide a summary of the strategic plan, the methodology used, survey results, intended goals, and objectives for the 5-year plan.

11. All developed products must be made available to the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department for posting online and distributing to other stakeholders as deemed necessary.

12. Consultant will provide a PowerPoint presentation that compliments the completed strategic plan. The PowerPoint will be used by the North Dakota Parks and Recreation as a template for additional briefings.

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