Stopping Poverty: NASCSP has put a communications project up for review

Stopping Poverty: NASCSP has put a communications project up for review

Steve’s breakdown: NASCSP has positioned itself as the premier national association charged with advocating for and  enhancing the leadership role of states in preventing and reducing poverty.

Here is the pitch schedule:

  • December 5: RFP announced
  • December 16: Deadline for agencies to provide notification on intent to participate in review
  • Jan 2: Completed proposals due to submission and inquiry page by 5:00 p.m. EST
  • January 6: Agencies notified whether or not they advance to the next round of the review
  • January 9 – 13: Final team presentations
  • January 18: Agencies notified of final selection & contracts exchanged
  • January 25: Kick off meetings and start date for new agency

Here’s the RFP => RattiReportRFP35

WASHINGTON DC: Scope of Work of this project
NASCSP seeks to contract with a professional company that specializes in communications, framing, and messaging. In developing an overall communications strategy, this project will evaluate and address the needs of the organization as a whole. The goal is to position NASCSP to influence culture, change policies, and educate the public to build synergy around ending poverty and supporting CSBG, WAP, and HHI as high‐impact strategies.
Currently, NASCSP has a basic communications strategy that served our previous needs, but as we expand and gain exposure, we need a more sophisticated strategy and the tools to allow us to expand it in the future. Specific CSBG, HHI, and WAP programmatic communications need to be expanded. Presently, each division has its own set of communication tools and branding. However, NASCSP is looking to create a uniform look for all materials and messaging while still meeting the individual needs of each division. NASCSP previously developed a social media presence through the assistance of a communications firm and has maintained and built upon it, though NASCSP is always looking to expand and reach members and partners in new ways.
This project will help us evaluate potential capacity and needs and provide support in areas where NASCSP currently lacks expertise or resources. A successful vendor must demonstrate the ability to both capitalize on and enhance existing resources as well as to grow and expand NASCSP’s communication efforts. Our goal is to increase our messages’ reach to members, national partners, the Weatherization and CSBG networks, new and potential partners, the media, and legislative and government officials through various communications outlets.
The primary deliverable of this project will be a strategic communications plan including audience identification, frames, media tools, policies, and practices. The successful vendor will provide input on methods, content, and implementation strategy as well as direct assistance in carrying out the strategy for at least three months with the option to extend the retainer for up to 12 months. The strategy must include the use of online tools and new media outlets, including NASCSP’s existing social media accounts and our blog.

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