The Show me State wants an Agency of Record

The Show me State wants an Agency of Record

Steve’s breakdown: This account looks to be The Agency-of-Record for the State of Missouri. The Tourism, State Fair and Children’s Trust Fund accounts are not included but everything else seems to be part of this account. They list a number of campaigns already planned out in the RFP and I’ve listed them below. The RFP is due February 24th and can be downloaded from this link.

JEFFERSON CITY, MO: The nature of the services provided by many of Missouri’s various offices are often “public service” related.  As such, history has shown a need for the offices to reach the public with education and information related to the services offered.  Some, but not all types of past campaigns are listed below:

a.      Public education campaign services to educate Missourians on traffic safety issues, in order reduce the number and severity of traffic crashes occurring in the State of Missouri.

b.      A media and marketing campaign with an ultimate goal of making those Missouri citizens affected by Traumatic Brain Injury aware of the services available to them through the programs of the Missouri Head Injury Advisory Council and to motivate such people to contact the resources available to them.

c.      Public Education services for various offices within the Department of Health and Senior Services to assist them in educating the public about public health issues and the services available.

d.      Public education campaign for the Secretary of State’s office to educate the public regarding voting regulations and issues.

e.      Public outreach campaign to increase enrollment of eligible seniors in the Missouri Senior Rx Program by reaching the target population with appealing public outreach materials to educate and inform about the Missouri Senior Rx Program.

f.      Development of script and coordination of talent for video produced by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to introduce Career Clusters to students, parents and educators..

g.      A campaign for the Department of Mental Health, Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse to educate and inform Missourians about the hazards of tobacco use; discourage the use of tobacco products among youth and provide information to families to assist them in discouraging tobacco use; and Educate and inform Missourians about laws governing the sale of tobacco products, raising the awareness of responsibilities of merchants and youth.

h.     An anti-litter campaign on behalf of the Missouri Departments of Conservation, Natural Resources, and Department of Transportation.

i.       Public awareness campaigns and promotions for the Department of Agriculture designed to increase awareness of the Missouri Wine and Grape industry and/or the AgriMissouri program and products.


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