Western State University Digital Review

Western State University Digital Review

Steve’s breakdown: This RFP is due back to Utah State University on May 8th and the documents can be seen at the link below.


LOGAN, UT: Agency must provide the following services:

• High-level of account service is required including but not limited to weekly and monthly meetings and/or reporting, as well as quarterly account reviews. High-visibility and complex campaigns may require an increase in meeting frequency.

• Real-time reporting dashboard with daily updates of data and training for all USU employees who will be working with the agency.

• Detailed biweekly reports outlining paid ad performance. • Written monthly analysis and recommendations to improve advertising efforts and paid creative performance.

• Quarterly business reviews that focus on the agreed-upon key performance indicators.

• Dashboard access for greater visibility into which metrics are being measured.

Agency must provide plan and cost proposal as follows:

• Detail an omnichannel strategy based on the following fiscal year budget: $250,000, with option to increase spending with campaign-specific efforts as needed.

• Cost proposal plan must include both promotion channels as well as paid intelligence and strategy services.

• Provide a measurement plan and framework outline of proposed campaign.

Plan must have conversion and tracking audits. Plan must also include campaign performance reporting backing into Key Performance Indicators established by the framework and RFP # RK012193 Full-service Digital Marketing Agency Page 13 of 27 students’ journey.

• Provide reasoning behind channels being used in plan and how they will work together.

• Provide a listing for all apps and RON channels that USU can potentially be included on. List should also include channels that will be blacklisted that conflict with USU’s policies and standards.

• Provide total budget recommendations for each channel and services and outline the associated rates, impressions, management fees or flat costs per channel and service.

• Notate any additional costs such as one-time setup fees, etc.

Agency is expected to achieve the following results:

• Exceed the education industry standard click thru rate by 15% on all campaigns and channels.

• Clearly demonstrate monthly progress on SEO for critical key words.

• Measure the success of a campaign through the use of conversion pixels and Google Analytics Goals. Success of a campaign should include at least one additional metric besides “click” to determine campaign effectiveness

Produce an increase in web traffic and applicants that can be directly tied to digital initiatives implemented by the digital advertising agency.

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