New global chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment

New global chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment

Steve’s breakdown: Another big move over at Sony. In March we reported about the new electronics chief, now this. He’s the first non-Japanese in the position so he’ll be watched extra close. Maybe you can help him out a bit on the marketing side.

TOKYO, Japan: Andrew House, head of Sony’s PlayStation businesses in Europe will now be taking over as global chief executive of Sony Computer Entertainment. He will be the successor to former Sony CEO, Kazuo Hirai, who will now focus all his efforts as the new chairmen of Sony Computer Entertainment. These internal company role changes came not too long after Sony’s Shareholders meeting. House will be the first non-Japanese to take over the company and plans to move with his family to Tokyo to take over that role.

Mr. House was a very instrumental part of the company during the early days of the PlayStation helping to form Sony as a powerhouse brand that we all know today. Known for his strength in marketing House was promoted to chief marketing and helped in the creation of Sony’s slogan “make.believe.”

Since then he has worked his way up to become Sony Europe’s chief CEO.

Hirai says, “”I’m confident that the skills and expertise Andy has gained over two decades working for Sony and SCE Group will contribute enormously in leading the PlayStation business and to bring new initiatives in managing the business in the networked era.”

Let’s hope that this change in seats will benefit the company after what happened to them this past April with the PSN being hacked. It’ll be interesting to see how a western CEO will handle control of a company that had been headed by Japanese executives. With a last name House, it’s a win-win situation for Sony.


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