The State of AdLand by Ratti Report

The State of AdLand by Ratti Report

Hey Y’all,

Steve Ratti here with just a few points you might want to take into consideration regarding how we see the industry.

During this whole pandemic, we’ve been mining all the “Out of the Office Auto-Replies” we get every time we send out the DailyQ.

Some observations.

• During the Months of March-May, we’ve never seen so many “I no longer work at the agency”, “this email is no longer monitored” or “I am retiring” auto-replies. It slowed down to almost zero by July so that’s positive.

• The number of new people joining agencies or at least getting on our radar has been and still continues to be on a steady clime.

• The number of agency closings has been much lower than anticipated. Noted closings included M&C Saatchi LA and Barton F. Graf. As for smaller agencies, they either closed very quietly or they are hunkered down and are riding out the storm.

We also were keeping a close eye on client reviews while doing our reporting.

Some observations:

• Small to giant government RFPs never slowed down, especially in Tourism. If that’s in your wheelhouse, go out and pick one near you and see what happens.

• It is true many reviews were put on hold but we see those being put back on the calendar now that it’s post Labor Day.

• Client Review Tips are coming into Ratti Report more often. They are coming in via ad agencies who can’t pitch the business, disgruntled agency folks who have been fired and direct from the client. Those are all Exclusive leads you’ll never find anyplace else so you’re at the right place!

We are also monitoring Ratti Report membership stats.

Some observations:

• First time memberships has gone way up.

(not to worry – we still have a fraction of members other services)

They told us the reasons they are joining:

  • Referrals are not what they used to be and a new source of leads was required
  • Using in-house resources to prospect clients is too expensive
  • Call centers scheduling “meetings” has really never worked PLUS now you need mobile phone numbers and nobody has those.

I’m sure we’ll be back with more State of AdLand soon.

Have a great weekend,


The New Business Guy!




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