Small Agencies: Time to attack!

Small Agencies: Time to attack!

Steve’s breakdown: The big agencies and search consultants are peeing their pants because of lame reasons. Time to pick up steam and take what they’re not pitching.

SUPPOSEDLY, EVERYWHERE, USA: Marketers are pumping the brakes on new business pitches, according to agency execs and search consultants who said pitches have slowed in recent months, with marketers in a state of pitch paralysis. They said that the ongoing economic uncertainty, midterm elections and the Russia-Ukraine war have marketers unable to read the market and uncertain what to do next.

The second and third quarters of this year were slower than usual for pitches, according to agency execs, who said there’s a sense of pullback across the board from marketers this year. There’s also an overall sense of indecision among marketers now, according to search consultants, who added that marketers typically are ready to run pitches when they seek search consultants, but now will seek consults only to put off pitches or run pitches only to take weeks or months to make a decision.


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