The Good News in Pitching & around the Globe

The Good News in Pitching & around the Globe

Steve’s breakdown: Not for nothin’, we wanted to share some agency good news about pitch and the globe

Pitching News . . .

From Media Post: 79% are creating new messages that respond directly to the impact of the crisis on the people who use their products and services, per the survey. Half of these new messages have already started running or are about to go live and a further 29% plan to start creating new messages soon.

From The Drum: Richard Robinson, managing director at agency search consultancy Oystercatchers, said he’s noticed the level of discussion among brands about their agency set-ups has gone up in the past three weeks. “However, the discussion has switched from long term brand-growth to the real-time focus of the here and now, and in some cases this is the here and now of business survival for brands,” he said.

Others are finding that clients are opting to forgo a formal pitch process in the current climate and are instead appointing agencies to new briefs following referrals. Stephen Corlett, managing director at creative agency 180 Kingsday said he has won more new business without a pitch in the past few weeks while Tanya Brookfield, chief executive at Elvis, said that since lockdown the agency has won two new contracts without going through the usual pitch rigmarole.

“So that, for me, feels like a great catalyst to totally fuck with the way we’re expected to pitch in this industry,” Brookfield said.

From Ratti: Asking agencies to pitch for free is unthinkable and clients asking for that should get their ass kicked behind the shed. Just sayin’.


World News . . .

From New York Times: Finally, Some Privacy: After 10 Years, Giant Pandas Mate in Shuttered Zoo

From CNN: The world’s largest coronavirus lockdown is having a dramatically wonderful impact on pollution in India

From ABC 10 News: Batman hits the road to lift spirits during Coronavirus


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