Delaware Tourism seeks Advertising Agency of Record

Delaware Tourism seeks Advertising Agency of Record

Steve’s breakdown: The State of Delaware Tourism Office seeks proposals for a Marketing and Advertising Agency of Record for the Delaware Tourism Office and it’s not soon enough judging by their creative. The deadline for proposals is March 5, 2012 and that RFP can be downloaded here. Click on the Source link for additional documents for the pitch.

DOVER, DE: The evaluation point system for this review is as follows:

1.    Experience (Scored) – 90 Points Maximum
Describe the firm’s, or its subcontractor’s, experience in providing marketing and advertising services that are described in Section II (Scope of Services) List the number of years the firm has provided each of the services described. (10 points)

Describe the firm’s experience in working cooperatively with other public relations and/or web development firms to develop a branded and fully integrated marketing and advertising program. (20 points)

Describe the firm’s experience in developing marketing and advertising that increased desired awareness as well as actual sales of a client/product or service among specific geographic and/or psychographic audiences. (10 points)

Describe the measurements the firm routinely uses to determine the effectiveness of marketing and advertising promotions and programs, including interactive campaigns.(10 points)

Describe the firm’s experience in utilizing the internet as a key component of a marketing or advertising campaign, promotion, or program. (10 points)

Describe the firm’s process in identifying key geographic, demographic and psychographic targets for a marketing or advertising campaign and for selecting specific media approaches to reach those target audiences.(10 points)

Describe the approach the firm would recommend for developing key messages for the target media and audiences. (10 points)

Describe the firm’s experience and knowledge of our state’s tourism industry and products. (5 points)

Describe the firm’s most successful advertising campaign and detail the reasons it is considered to have been successful. (5 points)

2.    Staffing (Scored) – 40 Points Maximum
Provide names and descriptions of those whom Bidder proposes to work    on    this contract, as well as the proposed project team structure, and list the years of experience in providing services described in the RFP. Indicate any of those on your staff team that are not physically located in your office in Delaware. Include the name of the lead contact for the contract. Also list any subcontractors you may want to include to complete your roster of services and describe their experience and the services each would provide. (20 points)

List references: names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and web address of all businesses for which work similar to that described in this RFP has been accomplished. The Department may at its sole discretion, contact these references. Bidder gives The Department permission to do so. (20 points)

3.    Subcontractor Management (Scored) – 10 Points Maximum

Describe the firm’s ability to manage subcontractors and give examples of how past projects utilizing subcontractors and/or other third party partners have been successfully completed. (10 points)

4.    Creative Design (Scored) – 20 points Maximum
Include samples of a Delaware Tourism Branded Campaign

5.    Identification of Costs (Scored) – 40 Points Maximum
The quotations section must list all rates and costs that they may charge the Department in Bidder’s performance under the contract resulting from    this RFP. This shall include, but not be limited to hourly rates, and any other costs for the services identified in Section III (Salary Rates and Cost Schedules), of this RFP. This shall also include administrative fees for managing outside supplier or subcontractor services, or any other applicable fees that would be charged under this contract.


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