Department of Records RFP for Marketing

Department of Records RFP for Marketing

Steve’s breakdown: Proposals must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. Philadelphia, PA, local time, on April 13, 2020 and here’s the documents: RFP-Marketing-Phili

PHILADELPHIA, PA: The City of Philadelphia Department of Records (DOR), in its capacity as the Recorder of Deeds for the City and County of Philadelphia, is seeking marketing and engagement services to create and implement a City of Philadelphia campaign to promote its free automatic email alert system “Fraud Guard” to the public. (

Fraud Guard informs subscribers of potential property fraud against their real estate located in Philadelphia. Fraud Guard notifies subscribers via email when a document containing their name is recorded against a property located in the City of Philadelphia. Subscribers are then able to view an image of that document online at no cost in order to determine whether the document may be fraudulent.

Property fraud generally takes the form of deed fraud or mortgage fraud, and disproportionately impacts people of limited means, the elderly and communities of color. In 2018, there was a seventy percent increase in reports of deed fraud to DOR, reflecting the seriousness of this crime in Philadelphia.

Deed fraud occurs when a home is sold by a person pretending to be the owner. This is done without the permission of the legal owner, and the legal owner’s name is removed from the deed without their knowledge or informed consent. The legal owner must then prove, legally, in court that they own the property. Unless the legal owner steps forward to claim ownership, the fraudulent owner can re-sell or mortgage the property. If this happens, the situation becomes even more tangled.

Mortgage fraud occurs when someone signs a mortgage against a property that they do not own to borrow money against the property. These mortgage transactions are completed without the knowledge or informed consent of the legal owner of the property. The sooner a property owner identifies a fraud, the sooner that owner can commence a court action to rectify the fraud. Fraud Guard is part of DOR’s initiative to provide the public with tools and information to combat property fraud and reduce its occurrence.

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