Hudson Valley Community College issues marketing RFP

Hudson Valley Community College issues marketing RFP

Steve’s breakdown: This RFP is due June 9, 2011 at 2:00pm and the entire RFP with contact information can be seen at the URL at the bottom of this post. BTW: The school got some national coverage when the President made a visit there in ’09.

TROY, NY: Hudson Valley Community College seeks a marketing partner, and other partners, vendors or specialists as necessary, to work with college administrators to develop and execute an annual marketing plan. That plan should include strategic campaigns that communicate key messages to target audiences and enhance the college’s reputation, boost enrollment, and convey the college’s breadth of offerings, connections to careers, degree transferability to four-year colleges and universities, and the comprehensive services it offers to business and industry.

The Office of Communications and Marketing, part of the Division of Enrollment Management and Student Development, will serve as the liaison between the college and the selected communications and marketing partner(s). The college’s Graphics Department and Print Shop, Viking Video Technologies, photographer, Web site and computer services managers and other on-campus offices/services will collaborate and assist on specified projects. (For example, a publication may be designed off-campus but printed on-campus or vice versa.) Selected partner(s) also will interface with the college’s president and senior staff; deans; faculty; offices for Admissions; Athletics; Continuing Education, Summer Sessions and Workforce Development; Community and Professional Education; Educational Opportunity Center; Institutional Research; Foundation; and other individual departments and individuals as necessary.

This request for proposal represents a competitive procurement process that helps to serve the college’s best interests. It also provides firms with a fair opportunity for their services to be evaluated and considered. The process of competitive negotiation being used in this proposal should not be confused with the different process of competitive sealed bidding. The latter process is usually used where the goods or services being procured can be precisely described and price is generally the determinative factor.

With competitive negotiation, price is not required to be the sole determining factor, although it may be. In addition, it allows the college the flexibility to negotiate with one or more marketing partners to arrive at a mutually agreeable relationship.

The college may engage one firm to act as its lead partner, and that firm would work with the college and collaborate with any other firm(s) with which the college wishes to engage. Accordingly, a firm specializing in Web site design and development, for example, may only wish to respond to the segment of the proposal that addresses that specialty. Firms also may wish to collaborate on a joint proposal for the college. In sum, firms are invited to respond to this request for proposals in its entirety, or for a specific segment or segments of the proposal as specified in the “Services to be Rendered” section of this RFP.

The instructions for submitting proposals, the procedures and criteria by which one or more firm(s) will be selected, and the contractual terms that the college proposes to govern the relationship between it and the selected agency are contained within.


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