Lux Brand is Celebrating their 100th Anniversary in 2021: Pitch a few ideas

Lux Brand is Celebrating their 100th Anniversary in 2021: Pitch a few ideas

Steve’s breakdown: Most brands don’t miss celebrating their 100th and Gucci won’t miss theirs no matter what happens so you might as well present some ideas!

Here are some details about their digital work from wiki.

FLORENCE, Italy & NEW YORK, NY: From 2016, Gucci‘s Internet presence has grown with more people searching for the brand online.[22] In 2017, the brand saw a 115% increase in growth, with over $61,798,514 earned in media value.[23] Furthermore, the fashion house saw a 44.5% increase in revenues in the nine months ending 30 September 2017. This growth can be linked to the success of their digital marketing strategies, which has allowed the brand to integrate the digital world to the in-store experience, and communicate to a larger target audience.[24] Gucci saw a 130% web traffic increase from 1.8M site visits in January 2017 to 4.2M visits in December 2017.[25]



Gucci has focused on the online shopping experience, creating a sense of digital inspiration by including visually rich large images and videos, with information on current fashion collections in the editorial section “The Agenda”.[26] The company has actively frequently uploaded posts of behind the scenes, with information on the patterns and styles, which highlight the craftsmanship of each product design.[27] This has allowed consumers to gain a stronger emotional relationship with the brand.

Social media

Gucci has a strong digital presence online, and is heavily active across various social media platforms with the brand name: Gucci. These include FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTubeGoogle+Pinterest, and Snapchat.[28] In 2017, the brand was seen to be the most-discussed brand on social media within the high-end luxury market.[29] The brand has integrated itself into the modern digital world with campaigns such as the ‘collaborative art project’. This campaign was to market a new line of watches, in which the brand collaborated with artists and popular Instagram meme accounts. Memes can be defined as a joke, fad or memorable piece of content that spreads across the web and is usually accompanied by a witty caption. For Gucci, the brand focused on Instagram ads, where they reimagined popular memes with their watch collection, prompting users to share and tag their friends. Despite the conversation and shares, the campaign was not wildly successful, with many viewers reacting negatively to the content.[30]


Gucci has created strong partnerships with Hollywood celebrities and social media influencers, working closely with these individuals to reach more demographics and re-establish its identity as a new, modern brand; despite the fact that it has been around for a while.[31] The brand has changed directions in working with the type of celebrities, with Gucci now dressing contemporary style icons like RihannaBlake LivelyBrad PittRachel McAdamsHarry Styles and Salma Hayek, who can be easily resonated with millennials.[32]

Along with this, Gucci has worked closely with internet stars and has transformed many up and coming Instagram users into luxury-brand stars. These collaborations have been proven to be successful due to the associations with opinion leaders who try to influence the purchasing behaviours of opinion seekers, who are actively searching for information to assist with their purchasing behaviours and decisions.[33] As research has found that consumers make purchases based on what they mean and see items as a sense of their extended self, this form of word-of-mouth marketing can be used to influence the brand’s meaning and thus, influence the probability of purchases.[34]

Gucci has also employed symbols from pop culture in their clothing designs. The Spring 2017 collection featured Donald Duck.[35] Other pop culture icons that have been used by Gucci include Bugs Bunny and the Mitford family. Gucci’s Summer 2018 collection featured a collaboration with Sega.[36] The Gucci logo adapted Sega’s graphic font.[37]


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