Marine Port Corporation Marketing Review

Marine Port Corporation Marketing Review

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CAMDEN, NJ: Overview

The South Jersey Port Corporation (SJPC) is an agency of the State of New Jersey with a mission to develop, maintain and operate marine terminals and related intermodal transportation infrastructure within t he South Jersey Port District. The agency has primary offices and port operations in Camden, New Jersey at the Balzano Marine Terminal and the Broadway Terminal. The agency also has facilities in Salem and Paulsboro. SJPC is grantee of foreign Trade Zone #142.

Purpose of Proposal

The following procedures are designed to provide a fair and open process in awarding professional services based on qualifications, merit, and cost effectiveness through accessible advertising. Services include annual appointments and day-to-day programs, projects, and contracts.

Any person or firms (hereafter “Applicant/Proposer or Proposers”) interested in providing professional services as Marketing Consultant to the South Jersey Port Corporation (hereafter “SJPC”) may submit an application in accordance with the requirements of this Request for Qualifications and Proposals for Professional Services.

Scope of Services

Appointment of Marketing Consultant Marketing

Consultant shall be appointed by the Board of Directors of SJPC by a majority vote of a quorum of its members and shall serve for a term of (I) year and until their successor has been appointed and qualified. The SJPC shall have the option of extending the appointment for an additional one-year under the same rates and terms. In lieu of appointing an individual marketing consultant, the SJPC may appoint a firm or firms who shall execute a written contract with the SJPC and shall receive such compensation as agreed upon by the SJPC.

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