Mid-Atlantic University Issues Digital Marketing RFP

Mid-Atlantic University Issues Digital Marketing RFP

Steve’s breakdown: University of Maryland says they need some help “to build the campaigns within the various channel platforms and then provide daily monitoring and optimization of those campaigns.” Proposals are due May 4th.

University of Maryland RFP Document Link

BALTIMORE, MD: UMBC has a strong internal marketing team capable of building digital marketing campaign plans based on existing research and knowledge, as well as creating the collateral (copy, digital ad designs, photos, etc.) that will be needed for those campaigns. However, UMBC does not currently have in-house capacity to build the campaigns within the various channel platforms and then provide daily monitoring and optimization of those campaigns.

The University requires a partner firm to execute the University’s digital marketing campaign plans and provide ongoing monitoring and optimization, as well as reporting. The firm shall provide expert consultation and feedback based in industry best practice that will help the University strengthen plans both before the launch of a campaign and during the run of a campaign. The selected firm shall be on retainer to provide input on topics such as channel selection and blend, audience targeting and keyword strategy, and the leverage of new techniques or channels that arise in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing. After the University develops the creative assets needed for a campaign, the selected firm shall execute the campaigns to include the build out of individual ads within each platform, monitoring key performance indicators, and adjusting campaign elements like bid strategies and keyword usage to improve performance and maximize budget. The firm shall report raw key performance indicator data at frequent intervals as necessitated by the particular campaign, as well as in-depth analytical reports at the halfway point of a campaign and at the end of a campaign. Reporting shall be provided in such a manner to allow for improved performance based on the data.

The firm will not be responsible for in-depth discovery and research, creation of a digital marketing plan, copywriting, or display ad and landing page design. UMBC estimates that the firm will be involved with approximately 5-10 campaigns each fiscal year, some of which will share targets. Campaigns shall vary in nature and may include yearlong lead generation and nurturing campaigns that guide students from awareness to application; application completion campaigns from mid-fall through mid-winter to nurture students to complete applications they have started; yield and melt campaigns from early winter through mid-spring; and mini campaigns around key moments or news items that occur at any time throughout the year. The selected firm shall work across and support multiple audiences and communications campaigns, as the intended audience shifts and changes as the University moves through the recruitment cycle.

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