More advertising needed to expand to 18 more markets

More advertising needed to expand to 18 more markets

Steve’s breakdown: To expand Mad Bean Hard Iced Coffee to 18 more marketing is going to take more than distribution, it’s gonna take marketing beyond an Instagram account. Got any ideas?

ROCHESTER, NY: Geloso Beverage Group’s Mad Bean Hard Iced Coffee, a gourmet coffee-flavored malt beverage in a can, announces expanded distribution to a total of 18 US markets.

Hard coffee products are the hot new category in the growing segment of ready-to-drink flavored malt beverages. Mad Bean Hard Iced Coffee (4.5% ABV) is a coffee-flavored malt beverage made from 100% Arabica gourmet beans and flavored with rich and distinctive mocha or silky-smooth vanilla. It is sold in 12 oz. four-packs ($8.00) or 24 oz. cans ($2.50).

Soft launched in October 2019, Mad Bean Hard Iced Coffee models the breakthrough trend of coffee-flavored beers and distinguishes itself in the ever-expanding RTD coffee category as the next, more grown-up generation of pre-packaged coffee beverages. Naturally caffeinated and evocative of a traditional Irish coffee, Mad Bean Hard Iced Coffee will now reach customers in New York, California, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Michigan, Idaho, Ohio, Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Kentucky.

“Our team saw an opportunity to move into the canned hard coffee space,” explains Mary Chapman, Marketing Director for Geloso Beverage Group, which also produces popular canned cocktail line Clubtails. “With summer approaching, Mad Bean Hard Iced Coffee is the perfect portable drink to bring anywhere from the boat to the beach, picnics to camping. It’s delicious straight from the can or poured over ice.”

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About Geloso Beverage Group LLC

Geloso Beverage Group LLC, launched in 2002, exclusively serves the U.S. market and is based in Rochester, N.Y.  It sells and distributes multiple flavored malt beverages including Clubtails — Cocktail in a Can, Johny Bootlegger, Mad Bean, and Pepito.


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