Pennsylvania Lottery retires Gena Burghoff & Gus Groundhog: Account is in review

Pennsylvania Lottery retires Gena Burghoff & Gus Groundhog: Account is in review

Steve’s breakdown: Gena Burghoff and Gus Groundhog had a nice run but I suspect Pennsylvania is ready for something new. Are you the agency to do it? You can enter the pitch by downloading the RFP => here

Proposals are due October 27, 2011. Contract for 5 years with 3 one year renewals. Send Proposals to:
Connie Bloss
PA Lottery
1200 Fulling Mill Rd, Suite 100
Middletown Pa 17057
[email protected]

MIDDLETOWN, PA: The Lottery needs to contract with an advertising firm to assist in promoting each of the current and future Lottery games, using various media and providing a single point of contact. The Offeror will develop media plans; create advertising copy;  produce commercial segments; place advertisements in the media; monitor to ensure advertisements are run in conformance with billings submitted; assist in overall marketing analysis, strategy and production planning; conduct research studies; provide drawing input; deliver interactive and social media services; and participate in any other related activities to promotes the Lottery.

All advertising efforts shall be conducted in a manner commensurate with the dignity of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Additionally, the Lottery conducts its live, nightly televised drawings in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, in the studio of a local television station. The production of the drawings is contracted through the Lottery’s advertising agency, with the approval of the Lottery. The successful Offeror will be required to negotiate and obtain contracts with an acceptable production studio in Harrisburg, uplink facility and six (6) major television networks throughout the Commonwealth for the nightly broadcast of the drawings, all acceptable to the Lottery  The successful Offeror will also be required to identify and purchase sponsorships on behalf of the Lottery.


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