$4.3 million Ruth’s Hospitality account loses its CMO

$4.3 million Ruth’s Hospitality account loses its CMO

Steve’s breakdown: Don’t be confused by the article below. Sometimes we learn of a new business opportunity in a backwards sort of way. The article is about the ex-CMO of Ruth’s Hospitality starting a new venture but the real news is that Ruth’s needs a new CMO and maybe a new ad agency. And BTW: This must have just happened because she hasn’t even updated her LinkedIn profile yet.

HEATHROW, FL: Jill Ramsier has resigned as chief marketing officer of Lake Mary-based Ruth’s Hospitality Group to launch a new Central Florida retail and wholesale operation called JD Wine Concepts.

Ramsier has partnered with Tampa Bay businessman David Forrester, founder and former CEO of Tires, Inc. JD Wines will ship wine from around the world to its Central Florida operation, then blend and package it before selling it to restaurants and consumers.

Ramsier and Forrester are still searching for a site in Central Florida that would include a tasting room where the public can sample wines and purchase wine-related merchandise. They anticipate starting the operation late this year.

During her four-year tenure with Ruth’s Hospitality, Ramsier led marketing, public relations, culinary and beverage activities for the company’s restaurant brands and was a key member of its executive team. She previously worked for Darden Restaurants, Inc. for nine years, where she held various leadership roles in brand management, advertising and menu/beverage strategy for Red Lobster.

Source: http://www.orlandosentinel.com

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