Arby’s picks a winner for its fake ad contest

Arby’s picks a winner for its fake ad contest

Steve’s breakdown: Not to take anything away from the contest winner but what are they thinking at Arby’s?

1) Now they have 800 fans who just lost their contest. Did I say fans, I meant ex-fans.

2) Nothing gets an ad agency more pumped up to do great work than to have the client ask the entire fast food eating nation to do it for free.

3) And what did they really get in the end besides pissed off fans and ad agency? A YouTube channel? This is why they will always be a tier two chain. Expect either the ad agency or the client to get sick of this campaign and resign/review the account.

ATLANTA, GA: Without a doubt, Andy Johnson has proven he has what it takes to put America in a “good mood.” For his imaginative video interpretation of the Arby’s. It’s Good Mood Food.™ advertising campaign, Arby’s Restaurant Group, Inc. has chosen Andy as the winner of the Casting Call Video Contest and is awarding him with a $10,000 cash prize and a role in its next national TV ad.

The self-proclaimed Arby’s connoisseur was selected from more than 800 video entries submitted since July 11, 2011.  As a reward for sharing his “good mood,” Andy will be flown to the East Coast where he will join the cast of the next Arby’s commercial, including spokesperson, R.B., for a day of filming.

In July, Arby’s launched a contest challenging fans nationwide to submit their own video versions of the Arby’s. It’s Good Mood Food. advertising campaign. Via Arby’s YouTube Channel, people across the country shared their video interpretations for a chance at TV stardom. An Arby’s panel then judged the entries and selected Andy as the winner based on his originality, presence and ability to instill an overall “good mood” in viewers.

Andy credits his passion for music, degree in video production and love of Arby’s as inspiration for his “Hey Arby’s” video. In the video, Andy sings original lyrics about why Arby’s puts him in a “good mood” and, with the help of a green screen, superimposed mini versions of himself on the guitar, bass, keyboard and drums play back-up. View Andy’s winning submission by visiting While there, click on the Gallery to see all entries.

“I created the whole video in less than 24 hours — not a hard feat when you love Arby’s as much as I do,” said Andy Johnson. “I came up with the idea for my video on a Thursday; I wrote the lyrics and the tune that night, and by the next evening, I had recorded the song and myself singing at Arby’s.”

It’s no wonder Andy considers himself an Arby’s “connoisseur.” His first Arby’s visit was with his brother and friends when he got his driver’s license. Since then, Andy and his family have made it a tradition to visit the local Arby’s at 1700 22nd Street in West Des Moines, every Christmas Eve. Andy even eats at Arby’s with his wife every Valentine’s Day, the same place they went on their very first Valentine’s Day date together.

“This contest was inspired by the fans and for the fans,” said Bob Kraut, Senior Vice President of Advertising and Marketing Communications, Arby’s Restaurant Group. Inc. “We at Arby’s can’t think of a more deserving and passionate fan to award this grand prize to than Andy Johnson. Anyone that breathes, eats, sleeps and dreams of Curly Fries like Andy is a winner in our eyes.”

Look for Andy’s commercial debut in October 2011.


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