Miami Subs Grill growing into South America

Miami Subs Grill growing into South America

Steve’s breakdown: If your agency is looking for an opportunity to move internationally, here a possible road: Follow the Client! Miami Subs Grill has a long term growth plan for South America and it’s via franchisers which means there has to be a marketing plan attached.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL: Miami Subs Grill is expanding overseas.

The South Florida-based sandwich chain announced that the company will expand its operations to South America. The deal includes opening four new restaurants in the Gorgetown region of Guyana later this year.

The first Miami Subs Grill will open by September and three more restaurants will open shortly after, according to an agreement between Miami Subs Grill and Teneze Food & Beverages.

Miami Subs Grill plans to open restaurants in Honduras and Brazil as well.

“We are very pleased and excited to expand our restaurants outside of the U.S. and into South America,” said Robert Haar, director of franchise development for Miami Subs Grill, in a news release.“We are eager to introduce our brand and menu to a new audience and to a new group of prospective business partners.”

The first Miami Subs Grill restaurant is located on Lahama and Albert Streets near the downtown business districtin Guyana. Teneze Food and Beverages, Inc CEO Aldron Alphonso will open be the first international franchisee for the company.

Miami Subs Grill sells Philly cheese steaks, wings, gyros and burgers.


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