Local Tourism advertising: Do’s & Don’ts

Local Tourism advertising: Do’s & Don’ts

Steve’s opinion: I love this spot for Memphis! It’s gritty, fun, real, smart, uses “touch points” beautifully and, most importantly, it will bring folks out!

But after doing all this great production work, someone got lazy and used the most lame, overused, outdated tagline formula. The three words with periods. “Eat. Love. Local.” Great sentiment but besides being lazy, for people who only see this campaign in print form, it doesn’t do what the spot does and it should.

Side note: Years ago, my city’s chamber of commerce came up with “Shop. Stay. Love. Asbury Park” or something like that and I almost freaked out on them. Now it’s just “Love Asbury Park” which is the definition of lazy but I digress.

This is a great spot and I might even suggest to go ahead and steal it’s format but not the tagline’s.

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