Bet on it: Texas Lottery account is waiting for you to pitch!

Bet on it: Texas Lottery account is waiting for you to pitch!

Steve’s breakdown: Just visit this page and “follow the bouncing ball” to get into this pitch. Mumbo-jumbo below.

AUSTIN, TX: The Texas Lottery Commission is issuing this Request for Proposals (RFP) to obtain proposals from qualified vendors to provide advertising services for the Texas Lottery with the objective of reaching the public to responsibly increase revenue and enhance awareness of Texas Lottery games. The Texas Lottery intends to award one contract for General and Ethnic Market Advertising Services. Proposers must demonstrate an understanding of Texas as a minority-majority state as well as the ability to effectively reach and speak to the general and ethnic markets.

The Successful Proposer shall be required to perform services as specified in this RFP and shall fully understand the Texas Lottery’s history and background, and support the Texas Lottery’s vision, mission, core values and goals. Proposers are encouraged to review the agency’s 2008-2011 Business Plan and 2011-2015 Strategic Plan, both of which may be found on the Texas Lottery’s website at In 2005, Texas became a minority-majority state. According to the 2010 Census , Texas had a minority population of 14.2 million, comprising 56.5percent of its total population of 25.1 million.

Because of this status, all Proposers must demonstrate the ability to communicate relevant and effective messages to all citizens of Texas. The Proposer’s understanding of multi-cultural issues as it relates to the Texas Lottery’s advertising will be an important factor in the evaluation process of this RFP. The Successful Proposer must be able to perform the functions of a full-service advertising agency, including, but not limited to, branding, creative concepting, production, planning, buying and placement of, broadcast, digital, print and out-of-home advertising. Proposers that do not have the capabilities to perform the functions of a full service advertising agency individually are invited to join together with agencies to fulfill the requirements of this RFP. Additional services include, but are not limited to, promotional event planning, advertising related market research and translation services. Proposers should refer to the Schedule of Events contained in the RFP for important filing deadlines. Proposals are due on February 21, 2012 at 4:00 p.m. Central Time.

Prior to submitting a response to this RFP, Proposers are advised to re-check this posting for any possible additional information or amendments. The Texas Lottery Commission is a part of the Executive Branch of Texas State Government. The Texas Lottery will not relinquish control over lottery operations. The Successful Proposer shall function under the supervision of the Texas Lottery. Its operations will be subject to the same scrutiny and oversight that would apply if all operations were performed by Texas Lottery employees. Accordingly, all operations must be conducted in adherence to applicable statutes and the highest ethical standards.

This RFP and all activities leading toward the execution of a written contract pursuant to this RFP are being conducted in accordance with the State Lottery Act (Tex. Gov’t Code ANN.§ 466.001 et seq.), as amended; the Texas Lottery’s administrative regulations (16 Tex. Admin. Code § 401.101 et seq.); and other applicable laws of the State of Texas. All Proposers should read and be familiar with the State Lottery Act and 16 TAC §401.101.

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