Biz/Dev Manager Job at MassiveMusic

Biz/Dev Manager Job at MassiveMusic

Steve’s breakdown: Technically MassiveMusic is not an ad agency but it kind of is.

They are looking for “a – excusez le cliché – team player with an entrepreneurial spirit”. The job and the company actually sound like a lot of fun.


Vacancy: Full time (40 hours)
Closing date for applications: 1st November 2020

Company Profile

We are MassiveMusic, one of the leading music agencies in the world with offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo. Our mission? To help brands find their voice and tell their story through music. We produce and compose for the advertising, broadcast branding and interactive worlds, but also develop music strategies for global brands, provide music search and licensing services, create innovative activations, scout new talent – and throw a mean party every once in awhile.

Our passion for music has not only ensured an award-winning reputation but makes it so much easier to jump out of bed each morning. MassiveMusic was founded in Amsterdam in 2000: since then we have proudly sprinkled our melodic magic on many of the world’s biggest brands.

Job Description

Our North American offices are looking for a remarkable Business Development Manager to join the band; someone who can take our Music & Brands department to the next level. In this role, you’re responsible for the acquisition and management of your selected portfolio of national and international accounts and projects.

Your ultimate mission? To help brands use music and sound more strategically, efficiently, and creatively – from music activations to sonic branding identities. Did you write that down? It’s one of your new mantras now.

Your forte? Commercial awareness. Your daily bread? Translating great ideas and initiatives into viable projects for clients. Having spent time on the brand and/or design side gave you a solid understanding of marketing and communication.

Most importantly, you get how branding works and understand the importance of proactively inspiring clients as well as feeding the team with gained insights about the market. Occasionally sharing cat videos is fine too.

You have a cross-sectional approach: you’re good at being there for your clients whilst being a Massive ambassador. You make handling multiple complex projects simultaneously look as easy as Sunday mornings.

A supernova of energy, passion and enthusiasm for music and life in general – that’s how your real and imaginary friends describe you.

People enjoy working with you because you bring smart creative brand strategic thinking to the table and aren’t afraid to say that bagels are overrated. If work isn’t of the highest quality, you won’t let it leave the building.

You are also fun to have around, which is great because all work and no play isn’t our thang.

 Skills and Requirements

● ‘Eager’ and ‘Hungry’ are your middle names – just don’t steal all our snacks, ok?
● You’re fluent in persuasion and always strive to achieve and surpass set objectives
● Experience and network in the field of design and branding is vital: you’ve got at least +2 years in a business development role at a relevant brand design agency or at a brand
● You have the proven ability to maintain and develop senior-level client relationships
● You have an excellent knowledge of brand development and brand strategy processes
● You understand how the power of music can be harnessed to help companies build their brand
● You’re a – excusez le cliché – team player with an entrepreneurial spirit
● Naturally, you have music running through your veins
● Knowledge of the audio branding process and its application? Oof, we’re hyperventilating


Full time. What do you get in return? Inspiration, knowledge, career development and spiritual fulfillment. But if you insist on a monetary reward too, then we can talk about our competitive financial package. Oh and, how could we forget, you get an international bunch of remarkable musically infused individuals to work with.

If after reading this, you find yourself singing “Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?”, that’s probably a sign you are our next queen or king.

PLEASE COPY THIS LINK  to proceed with your application:

Make sure you include your resume and a brief summary of the professional achievement you are most proud of to date. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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