University of Oklahoma seeks firm to upgrade their PR efforts with new videos

University of Oklahoma seeks firm to upgrade their PR efforts with new videos

Steve’s breakdown: Proposal due date is 2/9/2012 2:00 PM CST, the contact is Elizabeth Price, [email protected] and the RFP can be downloaded here.

NORMAN, OK: The University of Oklahoma graduate college endeavors to create an organic marketing initiative that will begin with the production of three (3) videos that would be used for public relations and recruitment for the college.

A.    The first video piece would be a OU graduate school branding video, 2:00 to 2:30 minutes in length with an on-camera interview from dean Williams, (2) on-camera video bytes from current students, (1) additional staff member interview and would include narration by either Dean Williams, president Boren or a neutral narrator. The video would be an over arching piece that informations students about graduate college life and sell the idea that graduate students are colleagues in training.

B.    The next two (2) videos would be much shorts and would each answer a specific question a potential grad student might ask. In an estimated :30 seconds through the use on interviews we would answer questions such as what should you look for in a grad school? Do grad school and marriage mix? How is grad school different from being an under grad? All the videos would not be “over produced” or seem like a commercial. They would be professional, with professional HD equipment and quality audio, but they would come across very relaxed and most importantly informative. End use of the videos would be social media campaign, on-line and at recruitment events playing on an iPad.

C.    The department would like the option to shoot (1) additional :30 second video, would be shot at least each month on a different topic or whatever frequency the department requires. The video pieces will be on-camera interview and/or events of interest

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